How to download music from Youtube

how to download music from youtube

How to legally download music from YouTube?

This article is aimed at people who are interested in downloading music to their devices .. I invite you to read the post below.

You have probably wondered more than once how to download music from YouTube to your computer? There are many ways to download music from yt. One of them is to use the 4K Download Online service.

To use this function, go to the YouTube website and run the mobile application. Then, search for the appropriate audio track or video in the search engine. Later, we copy the address link from the browser. At this time, we also open the website - Website for Downloading Files from YouTube in the browser. We paste the link of the address of our song and choose the appropriate format.

This is an important point as it affects the quality of the music that will be played from our device. There are three formats: MP3, M4A, or OGG. Finally, we click the "Download" button. the download of the file will then start. the appropriate window will inform us about whether the file is being downloaded. It will also show us how many percent of the file has already been downloaded. We wait patiently until this operation is completed and click the cloud icon. With this option you can freely save the song on a computer or other device.

How to download music from youtube with 4k video downloader

If you want to download entire playlists or channels, you can use the application  4K Video Downloader or 4K YouTube to MP3. This will facilitate our download and improve its quality.

The next way to download YouTube songs is with this website's converter. The correct name of said converter is '2conv Online video to mp3'. With it you can download files to mp3 and mp4 control. To use this method, paste the YouTube URL into the pasting area on our website. After this stage, the conversation begins quickly. You can download large-size music. It is a free service. It does not require registration and login. This proves its correctness and ease of use.

YouTube music download

Clip Converter is another application to download music from yt. At the very beginning, go to the website:

. Then we paste the address of our song. In the "Convert" tab we choose an interesting file format. We have the following controls to choose from: MP3, M4A and AAC. After selecting the appropriate control, a new package of settings will open. This is the most common audio mode. We choose a convenient fragment for us. We use ID3 v2 tags for this. Then select the "Start" option. The download from youtube will start in no time.

How to download music from youtube to computer?

I would also like to introduce you to the multiplatform application for downloading files, which is JDownloader. youtube downloader. After launching it, go to the Link Collector tab. Select the button with the command "Add new links". It is located in the lower left corner of the application. Paste the address and click the "Continue" button. In the Link Collector window, the entire package is available, which, apart from the audio we are interested in, also includes its description, cover and a video file. Select the option you are interested in with the right mouse button and start the download.

My last way to download music from yt is the 5KPlayer application. It is a multi-functional media player. It plays back recordings in such qualities as 4K, 5K and many others. It allows you to organize the collected multimedia. It also includes built-in functions for downloading video clips from popular websites such as YouTube.

See how to download a movie using YouTube Premium

Recently, a novelty is also the possibility of using the functions offered by Youtube Premium. This is the best option where we can be sure that youtube videos download is legal.

With YouTube Premium you can:

  • watch millions of YouTube videos ad-free;
  • download videos and playlists to your mobile device to watch them offline;
  • play videos on your mobile device even when you use other applications or when the screen is turned off;
  • watch YouTube Originals series and movies;
  • get a free YouTube Music Premium subscription;
  • listen to music using Google Home or Chromecast Audio.

Benefits of YouTube Premium subscription are available on YouTube, YouTube Music and YouTube Kids.

Youtube video downloader

The methods I have provided are one of the many ways to download music from the Internet. The above methods are easy to apply. Almost every user is happy with them and downloading from youtube is very simple. Each user can follow the instruction manual of the above-mentioned methods of downloading songs from YouTube, e.g. in mp3 format.

I think I have clarified the issue of downloading music from YouTube. I encourage everyone to take advantage of the above methods of downloading music to your computer, phone or other device. They will allow you to enjoy the comfort and make your free time enjoyable. The program will automatically take us to the Download tab where we can track the progress, ready.


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