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advertising on youtube advertising campaigns on youtube

YouTube ads are getting more and more popular

Definitely YouTube is the most popular website in the world that allows its users to play video clips and upload them for free. It is estimated that approximately eighty-five thousand new films are added every day. YouTube videos are posted by companies, institutions as well as private individuals.

YouTube's reach is very large. It is thanks to this that YouTube is an increasingly popular advertising medium and also a tool internet marketing. We can also display advertising banners on YouTube. However, it should be noted that AdWords advertising for video offers much more possibilities.

YouTube ads usually have two forms.

The first ad on YouTube is the so-called TrueView In-Stream. This is an ad that is displayed before or during the target video.

The second type of advertising on YouTube is advertising TrueView Discovery. This form of advertising is the display of ads right next to YouTube videos in so-called search results. It is also possible to display it on the websites of movie publishers.

Advertising on YouTube - Experience.

YouTube has been a partner of Google since 2009 and belongs to the Google advertising network. The current status of YouTube only confirms the high quality of services in the field of display campaigns, search advertising and video campaigns. YouTube video ads they are also very popular among many well-known brands. Of course, smaller companies are also equally eager to use advertising campaigns on YouTube. Due to the fact that there is currently a decrease in the prices of video production, advertising on YouTube is possible and real also for companies that have a small budget.

YouTube Ads - Reach

According to the current research, it appears that as many as seventy-five percent of Polish Internet users use YouTube. Most of these internet users, eighty-four percent, are between eighteen and twenty-four. Due to these impressive figures, it can be said with certainty that advertising on YouTube has a really enormous reach. Additionally, advertising on YouTube allows for very effective building of the so-called brand awareness in the target group. It should also be noted that the most numerous group are definitely young people.

Rich targeting methods on the Display Network.

It is very important that YouTube advertising campaigns can be targeted in many ways. The most popular is by far the so-called contextual targeting. During such a video campaign, targeting allows our ad to be displayed in videos that are directly related to the video by topic. When it is guided by the interests of users, display ads or video ads can be displayed even in accordance with the interest in a given topic.

Subsequent targeting of ads on YouTube is ordinary reach or classic. It is popularly talked about this, demographic management. Then you choose the gender or age of the ad recipients. You can also select the area of ​​the country where you want your ads to run during such a video campaign.

Targeting remarketing groups is definitely another option. What does it mean? This means people who have visited our channel or our website before. You can also target your ad campaigns directly to the channel of your choice.

Ads on YouTube - trueview in stream on the Google Display Network

The great advantage of YouTube campaigns is really careful control of its effectiveness. Each customer who decides to campaign on YouTube receives their own mentor. It is the supervisor who will present his client with the results of individual campaigns and the best ways to reach potential clients on an ongoing basis.

What do you get in such a YouTube ad report? This report includes: sharing, impressions, impressions rates, quartiles as well as all information about activity (collected comments, collected views and collected ratings). It is really very important for specific and informed clients.

What are the advertising costs on YouTube?

Finally, it is worth dealing with the costs of the advertising campaign on YouTube. It is thanks to the precision of targeting that it is possible to reach the target flu while at a lower cost than it is on TV. Standard with YouTube is that customers pay to display an ad. However, it should be remembered that in the case of in-stream ads, total plays and plays lasting a minimum of thirty seconds are taken into account. An additional benefit is the advertisements interrupted during playback before the thirty seconds have elapsed. Why is it like that? This is because these ads generate absolutely no costs, and additionally they significantly affect brand awareness.

How effective advertising is only on YouTube.

They sum up the topic when customers care about efficiency, reaching a selected group of recipients and affordable prices, then advertising on YouTube definitely wins on these levels, and in every respect. Keep this in mind when considering an advertising campaign for your business.