How to mirror in Word?

how to mirror the word

How to mirror in Word?

Microsoft Office package he is very well known to all of us. More and more often, even when performing school projects, we use its basic components. The best known is MS Word, which is a program for creating and editing text documents. However, apart from the basic functions, MS Word offers us many more possibilities. Not rarely when working with this program it is necessary to mirror the text, and at this point, not all users know how to mirror the text in Word. So here is a short guide on how to mirror letters and more in MS Word.

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Letters or Object?

Before we start describing step by step, how to mirror letters in MS Wordfirst, you need to change the way you perceive the text. It's no secret that we usually view a text as a set of ordered and harmonious letters. At this point, however, we should see the text as an object.

As you know, in the case of objects, you can perform various manipulations, as well as rotate it around its axis and in any direction. It turns out that in Word text can be turned, but you can also mirror letters. While mirroring in Word may appear complex on the surface, it only takes a few extra clicks.

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How to make a mirror image in Word?

Since we already perceive the text as an object, not just a set of letters, we can move on to a short instruction that will answer the question: how to mirror in Word? Well, we must start with:

  • insert text into a text field - so at the very beginning we have to open MS Word and then create the given text field. To do this, on the "Insert" tab, in the "Text" tab, select "Text field". At this point, the text box has been created, as we can notice in the document. So the next task is to copy the text that we want to mirror the letters for and then we need to copy it into the text box. The last step is to manipulate the text, i.e. change the font, as well as the color or size of the letters.
  • making a mirror image - at this point it is worth knowing that mirroring can be done in two directions: vertical and horizontal with respect to the page axis. You can adjust this parameter to your preferences by selecting the appropriate tools from the "Format" tab. So how to mirror in Word? Well, we double-click on the created text field to open the "Format" tab. Then select the group "Arrange" and click on the bar labeled "Rotate". Then we can choose "Flip from left to right" - which will give us a vertical reflection or "flip up from the bottom" - thanks to which we will get a horizontal mirror image.

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The text in the field will be mirrored automatically, depending on the options you chose. However, to complete the mirroring of the letters, we can additionally make the text field transparent by right-clicking inside the field and selecting the "Outline" option, and then the "No loop" option. Note that you can also mirror Word manually by simply swapping the top and bottom edges of the text box.