How to delete a blank page in Word - delete a page in Microsoft Word

how to remove blank page in word delete page in microsoft word

Microsoft Word is one of the most popular word processing programs. People all over the world use it every day. The program is valued mainly for its intuitiveness and practicality. As one of the products included in the Office suite, Microsoft Word allows you to create and modify content based on various tools. However, despite the editor's prevalence, there are still many problematic issues with the operation of the button panel. Novice users may have trouble deleting a page in Water.

Delete a blank page

Blank pages appear most often when editing text. It is best to do this in two quick steps:

1) First, start the function of showing all characters. Therefore, you should enter the department Main toolsthen to section Paragraph. In the bookmark Paragraph you have to find and press the button Show everything.

2) After completing the above steps, find the page you want to get rid of in the document. The next step is to find the button Break the page. 

3) Locating the page break is necessary and allows you to delete the page without modifying the entire document. Once you find this tool, you need to click on a command DELETEwhich will complete the entire operation.

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How do I delete a blank page in Word? - alternative way

Removing a blank page may seem like an uncomplicated task. Word users, however, often do it instinctively, and end up modifying the text or page layout. In order to safely make changes to the document, it is worth following the above guidelines.

There is a second method that is applicable to any page layout in a document. To do it much faster, you should choose a keyboard shortcut  CTRL + GWhen a dialog box titled Find and Replaceplease click Enter the page number and enter \ page, then confirm using the key ENTER. The page will be selected and you have to click CLOSE and press the key DELETE.