How to set line spacing in Word?

how to set the interline or the spacing between lines in the word

Improving the readability of the text in Word depends primarily on the line spacing setting, i.e. the line spacing. This may seem difficult at first, but there are proven steps to ensure that even the less experienced can successfully complete the process.

Setting line spacing in Word - where should you start?

The first step that should give you all your attention is to find the section Paragraph. It is located on a well-marked ribbon called System. In this way, those interested will set the line spacing they want, e.g. when writing a BA thesis. There is also an alternative solution, more specifically the use of the sort list (drop-down) option. In this case, just use the line Leading and paragraph spacing. It doesn't take long to find this as you just need to search for the section Paragraphwhich is in the tab Main tools.

Use of more advanced options

The above options turn out to be useful primarily when you want to use the basic options. However, there are people who are interested in more advanced elements. In this case, click on Leading options. Thanks to this, parameters such as:

  • indentations,
  • spacing,
  • tabs,
  • line break,
  • page break.

As you can see, you have a lot of room for maneuver from this angle. When focusing on the line spacing, remember that you are choosing a value of from 1,0 3,0 to. Just select it. Much will depend on the requirements of promoters, professors or teachers, depending on whether you will create a regular final thesis or a master's thesis.

In the advanced options, users can also choose slightly different settings, more specifically single or double line spacing. Maybe she too multiply the selected value. The most important information is that the line spacing can be changed at any time while working on the text.