How to number pages in Word?

how to number the pages in the word

Word page numbering

Microsoft Word It certainly needs no introduction. This text editor has been with us for many years and even the youngest computer users will find it and know what it is for. It is in the Microsoft Word program that we write works for school, study or work. The editor is improved with each subsequent update, thanks to which it allows for professional text processing with the use of bolds, underlines, italics, various types of fonts and much more.

In this article, we will try to dispel any doubts surrounding the topic of page numbering. How to turn on page numbering in Word? How do I format page numbers or how to start page numbering later in the document? Answers to these and many more questions in this article - read on!

How to number pages in Word?

The page numbers are customarily placed in the header or footer. So how do you add page numbers to the header or footer?

  1. Press the cursor over the header or footer area where you would like the page numbering to appear.
  2. Select in turn from the top bar: Insert> Page Numbering
  3. Set position: current location
  4. Make your choice of style.

If the page number is not displayed where you want it - change it! We answer the question: How do I change where the page number is displayed?

  1. Select the page number in the footer or header area.
  2. Use the key Tab to move the page number. If the number has now been left-aligned, you only need to press the Tab key once to center it and twice to get it right-aligned. If you would like to undo the operation and return the numbering to the center or to align it to the left, you should similarly press the key once or twice. Backspace
     until you reach the position you are satisfied with.

The numbering has been added, it is in the right place, but the font does not quite appeal to you? We also have a simple solution for this - change the font appearance.

  1. Highlight the page number.
  2. Take a look at the strap Main tools and choose one of the available fonts to choose from. You can change both the family, style, size and color of the font.

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How do I start numbering from 1 on the second page?

This feature is extremely useful when writing any work where the first page is the cover page. In accordance with the applicable rules, we do not number it - we treat it as "zero", so it is worth knowing how to start page numbering in Word so that the second page is the first.

  1. Click Insert> Page Number and choose the location and style that suit you.
  2. Check the box Other on the first page.
  3. Press Page Number> Format Page Numbers and for options Start with set the value 0.
  4. When you are done, select Close the header and footer or press the ESC key.

How are the pages in Word numbered? - summary

As you can see, page numbering in Word is child's play. Automatic page numbering is a very useful feature that helps you save a lot of time when typing long texts. If so far you have been wondering how to number the pages in Word, we hope that after reading this article everything became clear to you.


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