How to make a bibliography in Word? Bibliography in MS Word - step by step

how to make bibliographies in word bibliography in ms word step by step

When writing a job in MS Word, we often quote sentences from textbooks or other articles. When using additional sources of information, it is worth including them at the end in the so-called bibliography. This is an orderly list of messages from other authors mentioned in our text. Creation bibliography in Word is fun and easy. It allows you to aesthetically save all the mentioned sources, their titles and the names of their authors. Thanks to this entry, you will learn how to add a bibliography and how to do it quickly from footnotes in MS Word.

Creating a bibliography in Word

To put a bibliography in MS Word, you must add it according to art footnotes lower and enter sources the content cited. This is important, and even crucial, because the application must have an information base from which it will create our bibliography.

Adding footnotes

  1. Find a tab on the top bar AppealsAfter clicking, you will see a number of options that we will use for this edition.
  2. Now hover over and click with the cursor the place you want to be assigned.
  3. At the top of the edit bar, hit the easy-to-find command, Insert a footnote.
  4. A text box with the appropriate number should appear at the bottom of the page, depending on the footnote number.
  5. We supplement our footnote with information such as: title, author, year of publication, city, publisher.

Create the source

  1. Insert a quote add a new source.
  2. We enter the data as in the footnote (see steps in Adding footnotes
  3. click Ok.

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Time for a bibliography

Once we have both footnotesas well as described sources of quotes we can proceed to the main topic of this post.

  1. For this, we go to the area of ​​the document where we want our bibliography to be added.
  2. In the ribbon Appeals we look for References.
  3. After clicking, a window with an automatically created bibliography will open.
  4. We choose the title that suits us.
  5. The collection of sources should appear in the place we have designated (see point 1 in Time for a bibliography).

Editing a bibliography

If we want to change the style of the displayed text and the layout of the bibliography, we can easily edit the appearance both before and after generating it.

  1. Click on the bar Style (we'll find it next to the command Insert a quote).
  2. After expanding the bar, we choose the style that suits us best.

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Data update

What if we insert a new citation source or a new entry after creating a bibliography? It turns out that there is also a way in MS Word.

  1. We press right with the mouse button in the area of ​​our bibliography.
  2. In the list of options that will develop next to the cursor, mark it Update the field.
  3. A new entry / new source is automatically added to our bibliography.

Alphabetical arrangement of data in a bibliography

It turns out that MS Word is programmed in such a way that the sources in the bibliography are arranged alphabetically. The user does not have to change anything in this respect. Even after inserting new entries, that's enough data update described above so that the information is sorted from A to Z.

Create a bibliography in MS Word this practical skill. It can be very useful especially for those who are in the process of writing working, e.g undergraduate.