How to make a table of contents in Word

how to make a list of contents in a word

Word is the most popular text editor. In this program, which is part of the Office suite from Microsoft, most people who work with text create it there. Regardless of the nature of the written content, when the text is longer, it is worth using a convenient way of navigating through the prepared content. The Word table of contents will make it possible for us. How to make a table of contents in Word? How to make an automatic table of contents?

Word automatic table of contents. Word how to make a table of contents?

Automatic Word table of contents it is very simple to make, and it definitely makes it easier to navigate through the text, especially the longer one. Create a Word table of contents it does not cause any difficulties. This is one of the features that we find in the top bar of the Word editor.

How to make a Word table of contents? How to create a table of contents in Word step by step?

Insert a table of contents in Word can be done in a few simple steps:

  1. Where we need to put Word table of contents it is necessary to position the cursor
  2. In the top bar, find the References section and select Contents from it
  3. In order to mark the title of a chapter or paragraph in the test, we must mark it as:
  • Headline 1 - the title of the chapter
  • Heading 2 - the title of the subsection
  • Heading 3 sub-headings of a lower rank, hierarchically

As shown in the diagram below inserting a table of contents, is not troublesome or difficult. The indicated procedure shows that how to make an automatic Word table of contents. Thanks to him, clicking on automatic table of contents

, the program will immediately take us to the place in the test, where the title of our choice is located.

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How do I create a table of contents in Word? How to make a Word table of contents?

Properly inserted and formatted Table of Contents looks aesthetically pleasing and is helpful. Lots of people asking the question how to make a table of contents, report the problem of disappearing paragraph headings. It is necessary to update the content in the tool as it is every time table of contents in Wordafter you make any changes as they are not made automatically. In a program similar to Word too, you can use our tutorial on how to how to make a table of contents. An editor is a frequently used replacement for Word open office table of contents, can also be placed there following the steps outlined.

Contents in English. What besides the Word table of contents?

In the editor Word table of contents it is not the only list that we can include in the text. It is worth knowing the way to include lists of other elements we need contained in the text. Pose Word table of contents, it can be a list of drawings, list of Word tablesthanks to which each document created in the editor will be clear and legible.

When we wonder how to insert a table of contents to the document, it is worth using the presented guide, which shows in a few simple steps how to insert a table of contents in Wordand shows how to make an inventory of other items. Table of Contents it is an indispensable element necessary in any research, final or master's thesis.