How to justify text in Microsoft Word?

how to justify text in microsoft word

Microsoft Word is one of the components of Microsoft Office office software. Word is used in the processing of text. Both for writing and editing as well as preparing the text for printing or publication on the website. The program comes with a wide variety of features and options. However, in order to use them correctly, you need to know where to find them and how to use them. One of the most needed and used options is function justification text. Check where to find it and what to use it for?

Types of justification

Justification is divided into two types. Horizontal justification, that is, align the text to the left or right margins, to both margins at the same time or to the central axis. This is the most common way of adjusting. Vertical adjustment on the other hand, it is the most common justification method used in newspaper printing. It consists in aligning the text with a column, column or a given line. In everyday speech, justified text is usually text that is aligned to both paragraphs at the same time.

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How to justify text in Word?

When using Microsoft Word you will use the justification function very often. You can use this function in several ways.

The first is planned use of the "justify" function

. You will use it when you plan to write fully justified text.

Before starting to write, go to the tab Home -> Paragraph and select options "Justify".

The second way is to align the text after it has been written. In this case, the entire text should be selected. You can use a keyboard shortcut for this "Ctrl + A".

After selecting the text, proceed as with the first method. The difference is that with the second method, you can justify only a fragment of the text.

When looking for additional options regarding justification of the text, go to the tab Home -> Paragraph and select "Paragraph Settings". It is a small arrow in the lower right corner. A window will appear with various options including text alignment.