How to insert a footnote in a word?

how to insert a footnote in a word

Microsoft Word is a program for writing, editing and proofreading text. Thanks to its many different functions and options, it is the most popular program of its type used by students, teachers, professional writers and journalists. This and other programs from the Microsoft Office suite are very helpful at work, at home or at school. Word offers a lot of different functions. However, in order to use them correctly, you need to know how to do it. Check how to make a footnote in Word.

What are footnotes?

Inserting footnotes is one of the commonly used functions for books, articles, or longer scientific texts. Footnotes are additional comments added by the author at the bottom of the page or at the end of the text, supplementing information about a specific word or text fragment. Word footnote it is usually identified by a small number or superscript symbol at the end of a word or sentence.

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Types of footnotes

Various types of footnotes are distinguished depending on the function they perform, the content they contain or the place in which they are located. The most common types of footnotes are:

Due to the location:

  • Footnotes - appear at the bottom of each page.
  • Endnotes - these are collected footnotes from the entire publication, they are at the end of the text.

Due to the functions:

  • Footnotes
  • Information footnotes
  • Bibliographic notes
  • Dictionary footnotes

How to make footnotes in Word

Adding Word Footnotes it is really very simple. You can do this both while writing the text and after writing it. To add footnote or the final one, all you need to do is select the place where it is to be with the cursor, you will enter the tab Appeals (located in the middle of the top toolbar), then you will go to the panel footnotes and choose your options insert a footnote or insert endnote, depending on what type of footnote you are interested in.

You can also use a keyboard shortcut alt + Dwhich will automatically insert a reference mark in the text and take you to the footnote mark at the bottom of the page. Footnotes can be collected and converted to endnotes. Panels footnotes i footnote formatting options allow you to edit footnotes, oh size, font type and other parameters. Operations can be performed on a single footnote, group of footnotes, or all footnotes of a given type.

When is it worth using footnotes in Word

Word footnotes are a very simple tool that gives you access to many possibilities. The use of footnotes can be used to explain to the reader complex issues related to a given phrase or topic, translate a word or phrase used in a text from a foreign language, comment on a passage of text, or add additional information about the origin of a quotation or reference to a book or other source. You can also insert

a footnote from the websitewhich is often required when using graphics or other types of content downloaded from the Internet or a footnote to the website , which is a reference to the content on this page.


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