Windows 11 pro is now available. How to install or update the system?


Windows 11 pro is a really awaited edition, and although it was not without some controversy, it is generally recommended for users to update due to higher security and better adaptation of the new system, especially to work with computers of the latest generation.

Install or update?

Running from the installation disc - the English and Polish version can be ordered at - it is necessary on new hardware and where there is no possibility of updating. Sometimes, however, it is a suggested solution even where an update is theoretically possible. This is especially true for older, poorly managed machines, where it is assumed that a clean installation and restoration of some data is a faster and safer way than optimizing a completely messy environment.

How to install Windows 11 PRO

Generally after starting the installation Windows 11 PRO all instructions are understandable - most users should leave the default settings. The entire process requires a maximum of a few minutes of attention and although installing the system may take up to several dozen minutes, in fact, you do not even need to track the progress. For a long time now, Windows installation programs do not require any involvement on the part of the user.

What before installation?

The installation process is so simple that you don't need to spend any more time on it. However, it would be good to focus on a few things to do beforehand.

  • You should definitely take care to backup important files. It can be a copy in the cloud, it can be on a portable drive - it does not matter, but it is worth even packing the files, generating checksums for them and comparing them for the original file and the copy. This will allow at least a basic check whether the copy will be functional.
  • You can make a copy of the settings that should be made on the new system. However, if the installation is done "clean" due to problems with the configuration of the previous system or a general disk clutter, maybe it is better to configure the new system from scratch?

How to upgrade to Windows 11 PRO

The upgrade option in Windows is available through Windows Update. Some guides recommend that you verify your device's compliance with the new Windows requirements beforehand, but it is not necessary - if compliance is not ensured, the update will not start, so there is no risk of damaging your current file system.

Upgrading Windows 10 to 11 is expected to be possible by 2022, with the detailed schedule depending on the device. Generally, the built-in update tools will be able to check for a new release at any time.

How is Windows 11 PRO updating?

The entire process is automatic and requires almost no user interaction, except for a few simple answers to configuration questions. Basically, Windows 11 is not much different from the 10 under the hood, it has changed mainly in appearance, so the configuration options may remain unchanged. However, it is worth making sure that no user has access to edit files on the disk during the update. In theory, the update script is well isolated, but in practice it is simply worth keeping it running smoothly.

What to do before updating Windows 11?

  • It's definitely worth having a backup - if not a cloned disk, then at least the most important files.
  • Does it make sense to disconnect the internet connection? Some people say so, but that seems overly cautious.
  • In laptops, it is definitely worth checking the battery level - a power cut can be fatal.

And besides that - it's worth making a coffee, because the process will probably take a long time, but it runs smoothly and you don't need to get too involved. This is probably the best-designed Microsoft update process in history, so you can approach it completely stress-free.