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how to turn on the webcam in a laptop and a computer with windows

How to turn on the webcam in a laptop and a Windows computer?

Today, almost all computers have a built-in webcam. Thanks to it, the user has the opportunity to conduct video calls. Launching the webcam on a laptop or Windows computer seems to be a seemingly simple activity. How to check if the camera ...
y to z how to convert y to z on the keyboard

Y to Z - How do I convert y to z on the keyboard?

Does your keyboard type y instead of z? We will explain how to fix this, how to change y to z to keep the keyboard working as it used to be. The keyboard is typing y instead of z - why? The reason for this phenomenon goes back to ...
how to check the ip address of a computer ip check

How to check the IP address of the computer - checking the IP

A computer's IP address, from the English Internet Protocol, is its identification number. It's like receiving an identity document that allows him to access data on the Internet. Without your computer's IP number, you couldn't check ...
whatsapp on computer how to install whatsapp on computer

Whatsapp for computer - how to install whatsapp on computer?

How to make computer calls? Recently, each of us had to get used to the new reality. It may seem overwhelming, but don't worry, we've got a solution for you - a universal, easy-to-use program to ...
screen recorder how to record screen and sound in windows

Screen recording - How to record screen and audio in Windows?

Screen recording is really easy. We can choose between screen recording with sound, and screen recording without sound effects. What we are recording and the course of this process, we will be able to constantly monitor by looking ...
The taskbar does not disappear like you hide the taskbar in windows

The taskbar does not disappear? How to hide the taskbar in Windows?

The taskbar, i.e. quick access to the basic elements of the operating system or software, is an inseparable part of Windows and other applications. In the case of Windows 10, the taskbar does not disappear after using it, it may ...
password folder how to password protect folder in windows 10

Password Folder - How to Password Protect Folder in Windows 10?

Windows 10 is a very common operating system used primarily on desktops and laptops, although devices equipped with a mobile version of the system are also available. Consequently, it often appears ...
how to restore system in windows restore windows 7 8 10

How to restore the system in Windows? System restore Windows 7, 8, 10

When we make major changes to Windows settings, however, find that they are not exactly hit or cause system instability, we would definitely like to restore the computer to its previous settings. IN...
computer cleaning computer cleaning program

Computer cleaning - computer cleaning program

If we care about the stable operation of the operating system, we should be aware of the importance of removing obsolete files and redundant registry entries. Only then can we ...
how to split screen split screen in windows 10

How to split a monitor screen - screen sharing in windows 10

Each of us has had a situation where we had to jump between open program or browser windows every now and then. Although you need to use two windows at the same time ...

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the touchpad does not work see how to enable the touchpad in the laptop

The touchpad is not working? See how to enable the touchpad in a laptop

The touchpad is an indispensable peripheral device that allows the cursor to move on the screen. Without it, the laptop cannot function properly because it does not respond to commands ....