How to make a screen (screenshot) on a Windows computer?

How to make a screenshot on a windows computer

Scereenshot on your Windows 10 device with no secrets

In many situations, taking a screenshot may be necessary. When we want to record the content that is currently displayed on the computer monitor or the display of a mobile device, the screenshot is the easiest solution. How to take a screenshot on your computer?

In what situation may we need a screen shot?

Documenting the content of the pages, because this is how the execution can be determined Windows 10 screenshotcan be used in many ways. We may need a screen to create graphic notes, share the content of the conversation with someone or the content of the web pages viewed. Screenshot of Windows can be done in several ways. When we reflect how to take a screenshot on your computer, it's worth taking a few simple tips.

How to make a screen shot on a desktop computer? How to make a screen shot on a laptop?

When asked how to make a screen on a computer In a stationary or laptop, many people will answer with a key print screen Windows. However, it is worth getting to know a few of the most popular ways and choose the one that suits you best. The procedure for a desktop computer and a laptop is the same.

How to take a screenshot on a laptop using the print screen key?

Those who wonder how to make a print screen, they will get the answer, which is extremely simple: hit a key printscreen

. But then we will get the full one screen screen. If we want to find out how to make a print screen on a laptopwhich covers only a certain area of ​​the image visible on the monitor, it is necessary to use the key combination print screen Windows 10 and the Shift key. Another combination print screen Samsung (or any other company producing devices that run on the Windows10 operating system) together with the Alt key will allow us to perform screen on the laptopwhich will show only the active window.

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How to make ss on a laptop? How to take a screenshot of Windows 10?

Considering how to make a screen, or how to make a screen on a computer in addition to the presented method, you can also use another quick key combination. Using the Windows key with PrtSc (the print screen key is most often marked with this abbreviation) will cause the monitor to dim temporarily. This is when the dump we need is made.

How is a screen shot on a laptop, or how to take a screenshot on a laptop?

When we consider how to make a screen on a laptop, we also need to know where Samsung screenshot, or screenshot windows 10 are signing up. This is necessary in order to be able to find and use the saved graphics. This information is as important as how to make a screenshot. On almost every computer (unless the user has selected a different location as the default) screenshots are saved to where the images are. Most often it is the path:

C: username / screenshots

This folder is created automatically by windows system when taking the first screenshot.

Taking a screenshot is a simple and quick method to save the images we need. Once you have taken screenshots, it is worth knowing how to how to make windows 10 format.


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