How to turn on the microphone on a laptop with Windows 10?

Do you want to talk to someone by voice, but the other party cannot hear you at all? That in inches doesn't necessarily mean the microphone is damaged, maybe it's just turned off. In this tutorial we describe the steps in which you will work seamlessly you turn on the microphone built into your laptop.

Why a microphone in a laptop?

A microphone is a device that collects sound waves and converts them into electricity. With its help, you can carry out the mentioned voice calls, record notes or communicate with the built-in system assistant Windows 10 - Cortana, which unfortunately does not support Polish. In conjunction with the camera, you can make video calls as well as video conferences. It's good to talk to someone you can hear, and it's even better to hear and see them at the same time. You can also use it for virtual karaoke, for singing training or just for your own enjoyment.

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Check if it's not the application's fault

The fact that you cannot hear your voice does not mean that the microphone is turned off, it may be a problem from within the program you are using to communicate, not necessarily the fault of our hardware.

  • To do this, test your microphone by selecting the Start menu -> Settings -> System -> Sound.

You will surely notice a picture of a microphone and a bar next to it showing sound detection by said device. Say something while checking that the bar turns blue. If the bar is still gray, the microphone is turned off.

Turning on the microphone - the optimal way

Once in the sound options, you can move on to activating the microphone.

  • To do this, press the blue text "Manage audio devices".
  • Click on the microphone and then on the button "Turn on".
  • Now the microphone is turned on, and you can go ahead and start your favorite entertainment - singing, talking to your loved ones ...

Enabling the microphone - alternative method

An alternative path is accessing the sound settings from the desktop. On the right side of the taskbar (with the standard arrangement on the screen, i.e. at the bottom) there are many options, such as Wi-Fi, battery status. We are interested in the speaker icon. If it's not visible, expand the up arrow, it should be there.

  • Right-click on the mentioned icon,
  • Then select "Open sound settings".
  • Then follow the instructions in the previous way.

Thanks to this short tutorial, by yourself you turn on the microphone on your laptop, saving your nerves and time to ask someone for help 🙂 It's definitely better to do something yourself, mainly because we will remember how to do something in the event that the microphone is turned off again in the future.

You can also apply this instruction to Turn off the microphone by yourselfif you need it, there are sometimes situations when we are afraid that someone might eavesdrop through a laptop in our apartment, so the ability to turn off the microphone is very useful for us.


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