How to enable the on-screen keyboard in Windows XP, 7, 8, and 10?

how to enable screen keyboard in windows xp 7 8 and 10
how to enable screen keyboard in windows xp 7 8 and 10

The keyboard that we have in our set is not indestructible, so it can lead to a situation where it becomes completely damaged or stops working properly. As a consequence, using a computer becomes much more difficult, sometimes even impossible. Fortunately, the on-screen keyboard, available on Windows systems, will allow us to finish an important report or other activity. How do I turn on the on-screen keyboard? We invite you to read the article below.

On-Screen Keyboard in Windows XP and Windows 7

Wondering how to turn on the on-screen keyboard using Windows 7 or Windows XP? We are in a hurry with the answer! In the case of these older operating systems, we can distinguish three interesting and fairly easy ways. The first one is to use the "Run" application. To start it, you will need to enter "Start", which is in the lower left corner. Now select the search box and enter the command "Run". When the appropriate box comes on, enter the command "osk". We should see a virtual keyboard.

Alternatively, it is worth visiting the "Control Panel". Once that is done, let's look for a feature called "Accessibility Center". It is there that we are able to find all the necessary amenities that can facilitate our work on the computer. In addition to the system keyboard, there is also a magnifying glass, thanks to which it is possible to enlarge part of the screen. This is an ideal option for the elderly as well as for those who have vision problems.

The last option is to press "Start" and then search for "All Programs". In the next step, click on "Accessories", then on "Accessibility". Now we should be able to run the keyboard on the screen.

On-screen keyboard in Windows 8

It is completely different in the case of the Windows 8 operating system. We no longer have to combine and look for unusual solutions, as was the case in previous versions of the system. This time we run the "Search" panel. Once we have done this, we enter "On-Screen Keyboard" in the search field. It remains for us to select the appropriate option so that the system keyboard starts.

On-screen keyboard in Windows 10

How does it work with the latest Windows 10? Again, the steps are relatively easy. At the beginning, click on the "Start" icon, which is located in the lower left corner (the icon of four squares). Now we go to "Settings". You should see a window with several options. Select "Accessibility". Then scroll down the left side of the screen and look for the "Keyboard" option, then click on it. A popup should appear allowing you to move the slider next to "Use On-Screen Keyboard". As a curiosity, it is worth mentioning that the on-screen keyboard can also be activated using the following key combination: Windows + Ctrl + O, however, we will not use this option in the case of a damaged keyboard.