How to flip the screen on a computer and laptop with Windows?

how to reverse the screen on a computer and on a laptop with windows
how to reverse the screen on a computer and on a laptop with windows

Did you press a few keys or the cat jumped on the keyboard and you see the screen upside down? Now you are surely wondering how to flip the screen or how to flip the screen on a laptop and nervously type in search terms such as: screen rotation, screen rotation, how to flip the screen, how to flip the screen, rotate the screen, shortcut, flip the screen, how to flip the screen, how to flip the screen computer screen, rotated screen, how to flip a picture in a laptop. Or maybe even more dramatically and with a slightly final overtone, ie "what can be reversed?".

Well, take it easy, you can reverse virtually anything, and you can certainly fix inverted screen. If this problem occurs on your Windows PC or laptop, then you can find out how to fix it and how to reverse the screen by reading the text below.

How do I rotate the screen on a computer? Windows screen rotation

Inverted screen on a laptop or computer it can be quite a problem and cause us a lot of fear. Nowadays, after all, almost our entire world is housed in computers, and no one certainly likes it when the world is turned upside down, and this is what we can get when we see our screen upside down. However, the situation is not as dramatic as it may initially seem and panic is certainly not necessary for anything. We present information from which you will learn how to rotate the Windows 7 screen, how to rotate the Windows 10 screen, how to flip the screen on a laptop, and learn about the keyboard shortcut for screen rotation.

The manufacturer of Windows (Microsoft) has obviously prepared a solution for such unexpected situations, and thus - rotating the Windows screen is not a difficult or too complicated matter. If you are interested in Windows 10 screen rotation, follow our instructions and everything will be back to normal in a moment.

How to rotate the Windows screen? Windows 10 screen rotation, that is: screen rotation shortcut.

The easiest thing to do in this situation is to rotate the Windows 10 screen with a keyboard shortcut. So, pressing a combination on your keyboard that may have been your screen initially spinning. Of course, it could also happen when you wanted or wanted to display the image from the phone on the computer. It does not matter, because this abbreviation is universal.

The combination to use is: Ctrl + Alt + PgUp or Ctrl + Alt + Up Arrow.

After using the above characters on the keyboard in the indicated combination, the screen should turn and everything will be visible normally.

However, there is a certain risk that this will not happen and it will not bring the expected results. However, this is not a cause for concern, as some graphics card manufacturers do not allow such solutions. Fortunately, you can still rotate the screen differently.

  • You should then click on the "Start Menu"In the lower left corner,
  • choose there "settings", and then "screen settings". You can also get to the same place by clicking the right mouse button on the desktop.
  • When we are there, we have to enter the "screen orientation”And set it to vertical.

Now the screen will certainly not be upside down.