How to record on TikTok, or how to use the Tik Tok platform?

how to record on tiktok or how to use the tik tok platform

Tik Tok it's very popular social platform, gaining more and more fans. The application is used by people of all ages, adding interesting videos, performing in duets or recording their videos live.

How to record on Tik Tok?

Tik Tok how to record videos to make them popular? First of all, it is important that the video harmonizes perfectly with the selected sound. It is good to divide it with pauses, especially if it is long. In order to interest the viewers with your movie on TikTok, you need to change the shots or the scenery.

The TikTok app allows you to manually set the time after which the pause will automatically start. It is a good option for people using tripods or presenting advanced choreographies. During the pause, we can, for example, change clothes, the more is happening in the video, the better. A good solution is also the use of props, it all depends on us what we will use and the subject of the video. We should not be limited by our imagination, let's be creative.

An interesting idea is to create an overlay for the camera eyelet, or to use different filters and speeds. When shooting one movie on TikTok using pauses, we can change filters and video speed, depending on the pace at which the action is torn apart. Sometimes it's a good idea to slow down a video, especially when the track slows down.

How the video is received depends on how it is edited. Even if our idea for the recording is very original, poor lighting can ruin everything, and the same is the case with a poor camera.

We can invest in the right lighting, but all you need is a lamp and a white light bulb that we direct at our face. Let's try to record during the day. High-quality video can be recorded with the appropriate equipment, it is usually used for this purpose iPhone 'y, as they have good picture and sound quality. Recording on Tik Tok is not that complicated at all, there are just a few things to keep in mind.

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How to do live on Tik Tok?

Live on Tik Tok we can do it only when we reach a thousand people watching our profile. Launching a live broadcast in the application is very easy and intuitive. We enter the video recording function, then move the slider with your finger, with which we will set the length of our movie. Possible choices are 60 seconds, 15 seconds and the live option. When we launch it, we can already broadcast live.

How to add a video on Tik Tok? - a tutorial in just a few steps

  1. We open the application and select the sign "Plus"Located in its center. We will then find ourselves in the login interface. Then log in using one of the social networking accounts, and after logging in, click the "Plus". Now click on "Allow access to the camera"OK and"Allow access to the microphone" OKAY.
  2. Then click "Choose a sound"To add the selected track that you want to put on the video. When we click "Play”We will be able to listen to a song chosen by us. If we want to choose it for sure, we tap on the red bar under the track "Make a film with this sound".
  3. There are 3 capture options: Countdown Recording, Long-Button Recording, and Snapshot Capture. We choose the one that suits us best, after recording or taking a photo, we can apply special effects and choose a filter or time effects. Later, just click the button "Save"In the upper right corner.
  4. If you want to change the background music, press "Choose a sound"Then"Volume“To match the soundtrack volume with the original movie sound and click for saving it.
  5. Then click "Next”And we describe our film. There is an option to add as well hashtagsor locations. We can also decide whether the movie will be public or only certain people will be able to watch it. Finally, we click "Publish" and our video is in the Tik Tok community.

How to download a video from Tik Tok?

Many people wonder how to download videos from Tik Tok? An easy way is to save the movie you are interested in as a video. Click on the share section and select Save. The video will be downloaded to the photos application. We can also save the video as a link. For this we will need Instagram accounts. Press the sharing option and choose Instagram Story. The application will take us to the Instagram Story interface. Then we will be able to download the movie to our profile.

How to make a duo on Tik Tok?

First we need to find a duo person. We can choose from many users, it can be practically anyone, regardless of whether they are in our country or living abroad. It is only important that this person is a user of the application. Then we have to decide which of his videos we want to participate in.

The next step is to share the video. On the right side of the video there is an arrow "Share”At the bottom of the screen we will see a duo option. Sometimes we will have to wait for the acceptance of the duo by a given user. The last step will be to record and share the video for a wider group of application users. It is a very interesting option that allows you to develop your artistic ideas, thanks to it we will also expand the group of our friends.