Y to Z - How do I convert y to z on the keyboard?

y to z how to convert y to z on the keyboard

Does your keyboard type y instead of z? We will explain how to fix this, how to change y to z to keep the keyboard working as it used to be.

The keyboard is typing y instead of z - why?

The reason for this phenomenon goes back many years, when typewriters were used instead of typing computers. The letter pattern used on the keyboard was as follows: QWERTZ. It was a keyboard with instead of y, which is different than on your computer. Due to the content of Polish letters in our alphabet, a standard typewriter was not available to us. The Poles remedied this by adapting German typewriters to Polish. They also had special characters, so changing them was not particularly difficult. The typist's keyboard became popular also later, among the first computers, in many European countries.

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With time, this arrangement of letters was replaced by QWERTY, i.e. programmer's layout where y is instead of z. This is the version most of us are working on today. In new computers, Windows installs both keyboard versions as default for Polish users. There are a few simple ways to switch between these versions, including a hotkey that converts y to z and makes a few other minor changes. You can activate it by accident. Then the following text may appear: how to replace z with y; ya instead of z to y. This problem is not only the replacement of yiz, but also errors with displaying Polish characters. Don't worry - there's a simple solution to convert from to y and get your keyboard back working properly.

What to do when the keyboard changed?

If your cry for help looks like this: replacing y with y, instead of z replacing y with z - you've probably encountered a very common problem. However, there is no need to worry. The keyboard layout, i.e. the keyboard rearrangement, is very simple. You can convert y to z in several different ways.

How do you convert y to z? The most efficient way to change y on the keyboard is to press a combination of keys. It is important to remember about the order of the keys pressed. The solution is CTRL and SHIFT which are located at the bottom of the keyboard. Accidentally pressing these buttons is the most common reason why there is y instead of z on the keyboard. These buttons will allow you to freely switch between keyboard layouts and convert y to z, but be aware of the correct order.

First press and hold the CTRL key, then SHIFT. This is the easiest way to convert z to y and vice versa - y for z.

How to convert y to z on the keyboard - other ways

Y keyboard instead of z - there are more methods to fix this problem. If your device writes z instead of y, you may have the wrong language set on your computer. Don't be fooled by the choice of Polish (214)! If z turns into y, you need to set the language to Polish (programmer's). The ways to convert y to z vary depending on the model of the computer you are using.

How to change from to y to Windows XP?

Go to the control panel, regional and language options, "languages" tab and select Polish (programmer). The problem with y on the keyboard should be solved!

How to change y to z on Windows 7?

In the control panel, select Region and Languages ​​and Keyboards and Languages. On the keyboard change, select Polish (programmer). The problem where the keyboard instead of typing y has been solved!

Now you know what to do if y is z on the keyboard. Rearranged letters on the keyboard are not a reason to panic. There are several ways to switch from to y - remember these practical tips for the future.