Which desktop accessories should you buy?

desktop computer accessories
Which desktop accessories should you buy?

We finally got our dream computer, we are already looking forward to using this wonder device for the first time. Unfortunately, the computer itself is not enough to operate it, you also need additions, some of which are necessary, and some make it easier to use this equipment. What is the best way to choose which of them are necessary and which will make our everyday use of the computer more enjoyable?

The monitor is the basis

Using a computer is practically impossible without having a monitor where we can see all the icons. The monitor should match the activities we perform on the computer. If we use our equipment mainly for simple office activities, then screens with a diagonal of 17 ″ -22 ″ will be the best solution. On the other hand, if we use the computer to play processor-intensive games or to work that requires great concentration on what appears on the screen, then the larger the monitor, the better. The type of screen is also important - usually LCD or LED monitors are selected. The latter are definitely more recommended because they perfectly reflect natural colors, and a very large number of sunlight in the room is not a problem for them. The screen resolution is equally important - at present, the minimum necessary for proper operation are Full HD screens.

How to choose a mouse?

The mouse is another device that we simply have to purchase if we want to use the computer. Thanks to it, we can efficiently operate it while observing its movements on the monitor. Contrary to appearances, the wrong choice of the mouse can affect our health, so it is not worth choosing just anything. The mouse should have a shape that will perfectly fit into our hand, which is why simply testing mice, which is usually possible in stationary stores, plays a huge role. A very convenient choice are wireless mice, which we most often connect via Bluetooth. Thanks to the use of such a mouse, we eliminate the number of visible cables, which are still a lot around the computer.

Keyboard as another must-have

Writing with friends, creating text documents, sending work e-mails - all these activities require a keyboard. The choice of this type of accessories is really huge, and the main types of keyboards are: membrane, scissor and mechanical. Membrane keyboards are the most classic choice for non-professionals, while scissor keyboards are smaller in size and more durable. Mechanical keyboards are, above all, a guarantee of extraordinary precision, they are recommended primarily for players and for people who just write. A very interesting choice, both in terms of aesthetics and functionality, are backlit keyboards - we can find those that shine with white light, as well as those that sparkle with various shades. This makes it easier to use the computer at night, it is often unnecessary to even turn on any lamp.

Other useful gadgets

A webcam and microphone are a very popular choice, because not every computer and monitor are equipped with these devices. Additionally, many people make a purchase speakersbecause those built into computers do not always suit individual preferences in terms of volume. They are equally important headphonesespecially if we don't necessarily want the whole house to hear what we talk to our friends about during a Skype video call. In the context of the mouse, it is worth getting the right size washerwhich will improve the operation of this device, as well as reduce the possible damage to the desk surface.

A desktop computer usually requires the purchase of many additional equipment, laptop it is definitely preferable in this respect, especially if the buyer is an amateur. Accessories for a desktop computer may even exceed its value, if we want to choose devices of the highest quality, in turn even laptop up to PLN 2000 it may already have everything we need to operate it properly.

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