The touchpad is not working? See how to enable the touchpad in a laptop

the touchpad does not work see how to enable the touchpad in the laptop

The touchpad is an indispensable peripheral device that allows the cursor to move on the screen. Without it, the laptop cannot function properly because it does not respond to commands. Sometimes, however, there are situations in which the touchpad does not work for unknown reasons.

Such moments are a bane for every person who spends several hours a day in front of a computer not only for entertainment, but also for business purposes. In such situations, the comfort of work is significantly reduced. About why this is happening and how to turn on the touchpad on a laptop, you can read in the article below.

The touchpad does not work - what to check first?

For each laptop, you can turn the touchpad on and off as you like. So if the touchpad does not work, it is worth checking first if the lock function has been activated. So always remember whether you used a keyboard shortcut to activate the lock, or you used the settings provided by the operating system or BIOS.

If you are wondering how to enable the touchpad on a Lenovo laptop, Asus or a third-party computer, you just need to try one of the three combinations - FN + F6, FN + F8, FN + Delete.

You can use them all in turn without worrying about breaking something. One of them should work. However, if this does not happen, you will have to find the manual for your laptop and find information about the unlock key there.

What to do when the touchpad does not work?

If you have ruled out the issue of the lock, it may mean, for example, that the touchpad has failed temporarily. In this situation, you can, among other things:

  • restart the computer - this activity helps in many situations, so it is worth starting with it also in this case. If the touchpad doesn't work, Windows may not load properly.
  • reset the BIOS settings or its successor to UEFI - the touchpad may be disabled in the BIOS, therefore it will be necessary to make the necessary modifications to this system,
  • update or upload the missing drivers - to do this, go to the properties of the device and the touchpad. Verify your drivers are up-to-date. If not, you must log in as the computer administrator and make the necessary changes.

If the above methods turn out to be ineffective, most likely there has been a more serious failure, which you will need to consult with a specialist. In most cases, mechanical damage occurs and the signal tape is broken.

People with technical knowledge can try to perform the necessary actions on their own, although you have to take into account that they will require precision and caution. You can also use the help of a computer service. The costs of repairs related to a damaged touchpad usually range from 100 to 200 PLN.

How can I prevent damage to the touchpad?

First of all, keep your computer clean. Regular cleaning is essential for it to function properly in every possible aspect. Failure to take systematic action may lead to the click being blocked by a small piece of dust or accumulated dirt.


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