Laptop keyboard not working? See what to do

the laptop keyboard does not work, see what to do

Broken keyboard in laptop is a problem that occurs quite often. Regardless of whether the entire keyboard has been damaged or some letters on the laptop keyboard do not work, the comfort of work is then significantly reduced. Check what to do when the keyboard on the laptop does not workdepending on what is causing the failure.

Why is the laptop keyboard not working, or how to diagnose the problem

Before we try to repair the laptop keyboard, it is worth checking what is the cause of such a failure. In some cases, it is enough to restart the device because Windows failed to load. It is also worth ruling out a software problem. For this, you must necessarily get into the BIOS. In most computers, it is enough to press the Delete key or F8, F3. After booting the BIOS, you should be able to navigate through it with your keyboard. If this is not possible, you can be sure that the keyboard is not working due to technical reasons.

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What to do when the laptop keyboard does not work?

There is no universal answer to this question, as it all depends on the nature of the problem. In some cases, the problem with the laptop keyboard can be solved by yourself, while in others, the help of specialists is required. The most common keyboard malfunctions in a laptop and the methods of dealing with them are as follows:

  • changing the layout of the keys - probably everyone has encountered the problem of changing the places of some characters more than once in their life. In this case, the most common symptom of a non-working laptop keyboard is replacing Y and Z characters. To swap them again so that they work properly, just press the combination of two keys - shift + ctrl. If the problem persists, you will need to restart your laptop. If the situation still does not improve, it will be necessary restore the computer to factory settings.
  • software trouble - very often the laptop keyboard does not work right after updating the drivers. To verify that drivers are causing the fault and to fix the problem, look for a list of drivers in the device manager. In this case, install the missing drivers and restart the computer.
  • keypad lock function - very often the keyboard also does not work due to inadvertent activation of the lock function. In this situation, it is necessary to find the manual of the laptop with information about the unlock button.
  • flooded keyboard - if the keyboard does not work in the laptop due to water damage, this is a slightly more complex problem. Immediately after flooding, immediately turn off the device, disconnect it from the power supply, if possible remove the battery and turn the laptop with the keyboard down. Time is of great importance in this case, because if you react too late, it may turn out that other components, not just the keyboard, have been damaged. If you have implemented all the steps, report to a computer service, as such a failure will require the help of specialists.