Desktop or laptop?

desktop computer or laptop

A very common question among buyers of a computer is the question of choice - a desktop computer or a laptop? Both of these solutions have a number of advantages and disadvantages, but the best choice will be based on our individual preferences, key device parameters, and how we prefer to use the computer. The key issue that should be considered before buying is whether there is a need for the computer to be portable, and what it will be used for - surfing the Internet or playing demanding games.

Desktop computers - advantages and disadvantages

A desktop computer is consistently recognized as a better hardware than laptops. However, this is wrong. Today, laptops have highly advanced technological solutions that match, if not exceed, those of known desktop computers. So what are the advantages and disadvantages of the latter? Which one to choose - a desktop computer or a laptop?


  • Many modernizations and the possibility of expansion.
  • High performance.
  • Greater work ergonomics.
  • Greater availability of sockets for connecting devices.
  • Their price is lower compared to laptops of similar performance.


  • It is not possible to move the device, e.g. to work or university.
  • It takes up much more space than a laptop.
  • Higher energy consumption than a laptop.

Laptops - advantages and disadvantages

Knowing what makes them stand out desktop computers, czas przyjrzeć się ich przeciwnikom czyli laptopom. Tak jak wszystkie urządzenia, posiadają one zarówno wady, jak i zalety – który sprzęt będzie jednak lepszym rozwiązaniem dla Ciebie?


  • Laptops are light and compact - we can take them virtually anywhere.
  • Quieter operation and high energy efficiency.
  • All in one - each component is an integral part of the laptop case.
  • Possibility to work without a cable - battery power available.


  • Limited possibilities for hardware upgrade.
  • Higher price compared to desktops of similar performance.

Which device to choose for games?

Każdy komputer, który ma służyć nam do grania, musi być wydajny. Co ciekawe, nie tylko komputery stacjonarne spełniają wygórowane kryteria, ale i cała gama laptopów przeznaczonych do gamingu. Komputer stacjonarny polecany jest przede wszystkim miłośnikom grania w domu, którzy muszą mieć własne biurko. Laptopy z kolei przeznaczone są dla osób ceniących sobie inny rodzaj komfortu – przenośny tryb grania. Zarówno w przypadku laptopów, jak i komputerów stacjonarnych mamy szerokie spektrum wyboru pomiędzy najlepszej jakości ekranami ora wydajnymi procesorami i kartami graficznymi.

Desktop computer or laptop - office work

Office work is completely different than gaming and using multimedia - ergonomics, functionality and the convenience of using the device are the priority here. In a situation where our work takes place only at a home desk, a desktop computer will be an excellent choice. Its ergonomics are high, and the comfort of use significantly exceeds laptops. Many people who work remotely, however, use laptops. Then we can also work outside the home, e.g. while traveling by train. What's more, currently on the market we can find a lot of good laptops, which are characterized by independence and mobility, and which at the same time will be perfect for using the Internet and playing games.

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