How to turn on the webcam in a laptop and a Windows computer?

how to turn on the webcam in a laptop and a computer with windows

Today, almost all computers have a built-in webcam. Thanks to it, the user has the opportunity to conduct video calls. Commissioning camera in the laptop or a Windows computer seems to be a seemingly simple activity. How to check if the laptop camera is turned on? Most often, the camera is activated with the program that uses the device for its operation (eg Skype, Messenger). However, there are situations where, despite starting the program with video connection, the camera does not turn on. Below we suggest how to carry out laptop camera test i how to turn on the camera in a laptop or desktop computer.

How to turn on the webcam in a Windows 10 laptop?

Turning on the webcam in the laptop or a Windows 10 computer, it shouldn't cause any problems. So how do you turn on the webcam in a Dell or HP laptop with this version of the system? Just check it out camera settings on a Windows 10 laptopby following these steps:

  • launch the Start menu and start typing "Device Manager" in the search window. It is also available from the "Control Panel" level, in the "Hardware and Sounds" category,
  • select "Imaging Devices" or "Cameras ”in a laptop,
  • select one of them from the list of available video recording devices, right-click the icon and select "Enable".

After these actions, the following message should be displayed: "Hardware settings have been changed. You must restart your computer for these changes to take effect ”.

Other ways starting the camera on the laptop be a computer

How to turn on the webcam in a Windows 7 laptop? In some models of laptops or computers, the camera can be turned on manually using the Fn functional button and the button with the camera symbol (e.g. turning on the webcam in MSI laptops). There are situations in which the cause of a non-working camera is its manual shutter, which prevents it preview of the camera on the laptop. The video camera can also be started from the BIOS. To carry out this operation, enter the BIOS menu when starting the computer and find the appropriate option that is responsible for turning on the camera. There are sites on the web where you can make online laptop camera test.

Installing drivers

If all steps taken and checking the camera in the laptop

 did not produce the expected result, verify that the drivers are installed camera on the computer are up-to-date. To do this, you just need to:

  • right-click on the camera icon,
  • select "Properties" and then "Drivers",
  • compare the version of the installed drivers with the current version from the computer's technical support website,
  • if the driver is not up-to-date, install the latest version.

Drivers can be updated in two ways - manually, by downloading the latest version from the computer manufacturer's website, or in the "Properties" window by selecting the "Update driver" option. If the driver update is not successful and the camera still does not work, the device may have malfunctioned.

How to start the USB camera?

First of all, you need to check if the computer meets the camera's system requirements and install the software that came with the device. Then it is necessary to verify the USB settings and check if there is a properly inserted memory card inside the camera. If this is not enough, search for up-to-date drivers online.