How to check the IP address of the computer - checking the IP

how to check the ip address of a computer ip check

Computer IP address, from the English Internet Protocol, is his identification number. It is as if he was receiving an identity document allowing him to access data on the Internet. Without computer's IP number you couldn't check your email, browse social networks, or even read this article.

Every time you connect to the network, your computer reveals this number, so it's important to know how to check the IP address of the computer. Knowing this identifier may be useful when we want to allocate a transfer for a specific device in our home network, or limit access to some content to younger members of the household for whom it might be inappropriate.

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Where to find the IP of the computer Players must also know, especially those who like older games, where connecting via a local network requires entering this identifier.

You want to find out how to determine the IP address? We invite you to read. Together with us in a simple way check the computer's IP.

Types of computer IP

Before we get down to it how to find a computer's IP address, it should be noted that we can distinguish several types of it. Primarily computer's IP number it can be constant or variable. As you can guess, the first type is permanently assigned to the device, and the second, also called dynamic, is only granted for the duration of the connection with the network, and after its completion it returns to the pool of free addresses. In addition, we can distinguish public and private addresses. Of course, private at first glance seems a much better option, and yes, they are safer and allow for greater anonymity, while using them, however, significantly limits access to some content.

If you don't know what type of ID you are using, and you want to determine it, you don't have to worry, it doesn't affect it how to check IP.

Checking the computer's IP on Windows 10

Let's start with the most popular operating system, Windows 10. How to check the computer's IP on this system?

  • Hover your mouse over the taskbar, and after popping it out, over the Wi-Fi icon.
  • Click the right mouse button and select the option "Open network and Internet settings".
  • In the window that opens, find the command "Change connection properties".
  • Now you need to scroll down to the "Properties" heading, under which you will find "IPv4 Address".
  • The number written there is just that The IP of this computeryou are working on.

How to check the computer's IP on other widows?

Both on Windows 10 and other versions of the system there is also a different place, where one can find the IP of the computer. 

  • To do this, open the Start Menu and select "System", then "Command Prompt".
  • In the window that opens, type the command "ipconfig" and press the "Enter" key.
  • Now find the line "IPv4 Address" and read the number there.

How to find the IP address of an Android mobile device?

Aby check IP our smartphone should be:

  • enter the settings and find the tab regarding our Wi-Fi connection
  • find the "Advanced" option, depending on the model it may be listed in the list of tabs, or be hidden in the side drop-down bar.
  • At the bottom of the "Advanced" tab there should be our IP number.

How to check the IP address using a search engine?

Checking the computer's IP it is also possible through dedicated websites. There are many offers of such portals and entering the phrase "check the IP”We can find them easily. The number that we can read there will be different from the one obtained in the previous two ways because it is a public address, i.e. assigned to identify our device in the network. Most likely, if you have not purchased the fixed IP option from the operator, this number is also dynamic, which means that when you open the same website, for example the next day, you may receive a completely different identifier.