How to check and find the WiFi password on the computer?

how to check and find the wifi password on the computer and laptop

Most wireless home networks are set up so that you only need to enter your WiFi password once when your device logs into the network for the first time. Each time the user does not need to enter the internet password, it is enough for the device to be within the range of the network and automatically log in to it.

Difficulties begin when we want to connect a new device to the WiFi network after a long time. Here comes the question. How to check the password for the WiFi network? Accustomed to automatically logging into a wireless network, we often forget about WiFi access passwords. In this case, use a simple method that allows you to find a forgotten password on our computer.

If the computer was previously connected to the home WiFi network for which the password has been forgotten, the data enabling the connection to the WiFi network are stored by the operating system and can be restored in a few simple steps.

Method 1.

1) in the START menu, find the CONTROL PANEL and enter its options.

2) select the NETWORK AND INTERNET tab and open the DISPLAY NETWORK STATUS AND TASKS command.

how to find wifi password on a computer

3) in the window NETWORK AND SHARING CENTER click on the name of the network to which our computer is connected and to which we forgot the password.

how to find wifi password on computer and laptop

4) in the STATUS: WiFi dialog box that opens, find the WIRELESS NETWORK PROPERTIES button and click on it.

how to check the wifi password on a computer and laptop

5) in the next dialog box that will open, find the CONNECTION tab.

6) in the CONNECTION tab there is the NETWORK SECURITY KEY section, under which there is a box, after selecting which the network password will be displayed (for this operation you will need the system administrator's rights)

how to check the wifi password on the computer


Way 2.

1) in the START menu, find the search window and enter the phrase LINE OF COMMANDS. The option must be run with administrator privileges.

2) in the opened dialog enter netsh wlan show profiles.

3) as a result of this command, the window will display a list of wifi network data stored in the system with which the computer previously connected.

4) if there is a network on the list for which the password has been forgotten, enter the next command: netsh wlan show profile name = "NETWORK NAME" key = clear and click ENTERWhere, in place of "NETWORK NAME", we enter the name of the network to which we want to recover the password.

After confirming the command, information about the given network will be displayed:

  • network name
  • type
  • security
  • the encryption used,
  • and in the poem Key Content we are interested in information about a forgotten password.

However, before we proceed to the application of the methods described above, we should check the router's casing, which we received from the internet provider. If we have not changed the password, the sticker with the information about the forgotten wifi password should be on the router's housing.

The above methods are effective only for recovering the password to networks to which we have access rights. They are not intended to obtain access passwords to secure networks of which we are not users.


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