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3 simple tricks to record audio from your computer

Recording audio from your computer - 3 simple tricks

Recording audio from a computer is, contrary to appearances, very simple. This can be done even if the stereo mix option is not available on your computer. If only Windows is installed on your computer, recording ...
desktop computer accessories

Which desktop accessories should you buy?

We finally managed to buy our dream computer, we are already looking forward to using this wonder device for the first time. Unfortunately, the computer itself is not enough to operate it, you also need additions, with ...
change the keyboard to Polish characters how to enable Polish characters on the keyboard

Changing the keyboard to Polish characters - How to enable Polish characters on the keyboard?

Polish characters on the keyboard sometimes turn off in unspecified circumstances. By pressing several keys at once inadvertently, the Polish keyboard letters have disappeared. We don't know how to change the characters on the keyboard to Polish ...
the laptop keyboard does not work, see what to do

Laptop keyboard not working? See what to do

A broken keyboard in a laptop is a problem that occurs quite often. Regardless of whether the entire keyboard has been damaged or some letters on the laptop keyboard do not work, the comfort of work is then ...
the touchpad does not work see how to enable the touchpad in the laptop

The touchpad is not working? See how to enable the touchpad in a laptop

The touchpad is an indispensable peripheral device that allows the cursor to move on the screen. Without it, the laptop cannot function properly because it does not respond to commands. Sometimes, however, there are situations in which ...
windows 10 disk formatting how to format disk in windows

Windows 10 disk formatting - how to format a disk in Windows?

The hard disk is one of the most important components in any device that allows you to write and read data. However, after using the computer for some time, a situation may arise in which the data medium ...
how to check and find the wifi password on the computer and laptop

How to check and find the WiFi password on the computer?

Most wireless home networks are set up so that you only need to enter your WiFi password once when your device logs into the network for the first time. Each time the user does not have to ...
how to turn on bluetooth in laptop bluetooth on computer

How to turn on bluetooth in a laptop - bluetooth on a computer

How do you transfer data quickly? More and more of us are asking this question. Every year, our homes have more and more electronic equipment - laptops, tablets, desktops, TVs, smartphones ...
how to turn on the webcam in a laptop and a computer with windows

How to turn on the webcam in a laptop and a Windows computer?

Today, almost all computers have a built-in webcam. Thanks to it, the user has the opportunity to conduct video calls. Launching the webcam on a laptop or Windows computer seems to be a seemingly simple activity. How to check if the camera ...
y to z how to convert y to z on the keyboard

Y to Z - How do I convert y to z on the keyboard?

Does your keyboard type y instead of z? We will explain how to fix this, how to change y to z to keep the keyboard working as it used to be. The keyboard is typing y instead of z - why? The reason for this phenomenon goes back to ...

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How to delete Instagram - how to delete Instagram account?

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how to tag a friend on fb

How to tag a friend on FB?