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tempered glass

Which tempered glass to choose?

Using a smartphone, or more precisely, various applications that allow you to communicate with other people, has become widespread. Due to its delicate structure and glass screen, it is important to ...
how to check the ip address of a computer ip check

How to check the IP address of the computer - checking the IP

A computer's IP address, from the English Internet Protocol, is its identification number. It's like receiving an identity document that allows him to access data on the Internet. Without your computer's IP number, you couldn't check ...
you have an android phone, see how to check the wifi password on your smartphone

How to check WiFi password on Android phone

The Internet on the phone is now the basis of many applications. Internet access is usually obtained through a wireless connection, which almost always protects the WiFi password. Do you know how to change WiFi password when ...
who called, or how to check whose mobile number it is

Who called, or how to check whose mobile number is it?

It's not just introverts who don't like answering phone calls. There are people who do not like phone calls, and even more so when they do not know who called. However, the number of antifans of telephone calls from unknown numbers still ...
How to turn off voicemail on your phone with Orange Play Plus Mobile

How to disable voicemail on a phone with Orange, Play, Plus, Tmobile

When we're out of range or turning off the phone, the only way to contact us is to leave a message on our voicemail. However, if this service is not needed, we should consider disabling voicemail ....
learn ways to record the screen on android smartphones

Learn ways to record the screen on Android smartphones

In addition to taking a static screenshot, a very useful function is recording the screen on the mobile. Most people choose to download a game recorder, however, the screen recorder on the phone, and the actual pre-installed ...

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