Learn ways to record the screen on Android smartphones

learn ways to record the screen on android smartphones

In addition to taking a static screenshot, a very useful function is recording the screen on the mobile. Most people choose to download a game recorder, however, the screen recorder on the phone, and the correct pre-installed software to do so, most of us already have installed on our phone. How to record android screen?

How to record the screen on a smartphone?

We live in an era where recording calls and movies is our everyday life. We are active on social media many of us have our accounts on Youtube. Recently, movies showing the passing of stages in games are very popular. Screen recorder application comes pre-installed on almost every smartphone that runs on android, however, this applies to models that have version 7.0 and above installed. There are also many available on the market screen recorder freewarewhose function or method of operation may suit us much better.

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Screen recording programs

Finding a pre-installed application on your smartphone may not be as easy as it may seem. Desktop recording program for it is sometimes hidden. However, for our own convenience, we can "pull out" this application so that it is quickly available at any time. By downloading the popup menu from the top of the smartphone screen, you can edit the applications that are available there. After editing, look for the symbol - the tile "recording application

"And move to a higher position. Record your Samsung screenwhether a third-party manufacturer will start when you run this app.

Game recording programs

Regarding online screen recordingthat aims to register games, we may need a more advanced application. It is about the number of functions, but also about resolution. Android screen recording requires high definition when playing games. This type of application will also enable us hidden android call recording


How to take a screenshot of samsung

Screenshot android we can do it at any time regarding the interesting website, chat, photo. Screenshot of Samsung most models can be made by a simple combination of pressing the volume key and the home key simultaneously. The latest models are not equipped with a "home" key, Samsung screenshot  can be performed by simultaneously pressing the volume key and the power button.

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Image Capture, Video Capture

Android screenshot once saved, it allows us to edit the file, forward it, share it. In this way, we can obtain a tool that will ensure the safety of surfing the web. The ability to take a screenshot of a conversation or material shared by another user can be useful during many everyday activities in which the use of a smartphone has become an inseparable part.

Recording conversations, screen, or taking a screenshot, all these activities are extremely simple. It is worth getting to know the alternatives to the methods we use every day, because they may be more useful for us.