How to choose a phone with a good camera?

how to choose a phone with a good camera

Currently, a phone with a good camera can easily compete with the so-called SLR. Unfortunately, many users still only pay attention to the number of megapixels. Check what to follow during smartphone purchase!

What to buy a phone with a good camera

You are an avid photographer and you are looking for good smartphone to take photos? All cell phones now have a camera, and manufacturers regularly propose new features and improvements. Smartphones are no longer a luxury good and have become an absolute necessity. Manufacturers try to maintain an ideal balance between properties and price, despite the fierce competition prevailing on the market. If you want to buy a smartphone with a good camera, use our tips.

Although few enthusiasts of mobile photography pay attention to the phone display, it affects the quality of photos. It is worth recalling that smartphone camera takes pictures only in live view mode, which means that the image is displayed directly on the matrix. Make sure the display you choose has wide-angle vision and is faithful to colors. Otherwise, you will have to manually adjust the white balance.

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When is it worth buying a smartphone with three or four cameras

Telephone with 3 cameras allows you to get an image with higher resolution. You can freely enlarge the photo and crop it to suit your needs. It should be added here that the details captured in the frame will still be clear. The printed image will not lose its quality, you can successfully use it for private and professional purposes.

If you are an experienced photographer, phone with 4 cameras I'm sure you'll like it. Such a smartphone will make each photo take on a professional character. You control all cameras with one application, thanks to which you can easily adapt the tools to your needs and preferences. You can use such a phone not only to take photos or record videos, but also to conduct webinars and videoconferences.

How to take a sharp photo with your phone

The focus sensor has replaced the traditional photographic film, and the sensitivity is measured in megapixels. Pixel - is the smallest element of an image displayed on a phone, computer monitor, TV screen or specialized device. The larger the photo, the more pixels it should contain to obtain the correct sharpness.

Good phone camera is at least 12 megapixels. More and more manufacturers are offering smartphones with 16 megapixel cameras. It is worth emphasizing, however, that many users will not notice significant differences between the 16-megapixel and standard 8-megapixel ones. If you intend to print detailed traditional photos, choose a smartphone that has a good camera with 8-12 megapixels.

How the aperture on the camera affects the quality of the photos

Searching phone with the best camera, pay attention to the aperture, it regulates the amount of light passing through the lens and matrix. The parameter is given in the numbers of the aperture, i.e. the ratio of the focal length of the lens to the size of the aperture. The smaller the aperture (f) value, the larger the aperture and therefore more light can reach the camera. This not only allows a greater depth of field, but also a faster shutter opening. Currently a phone with a good camera it has an aperture of f / 2.2 and even f / 1.8.

Digital or optical zoom

Zoom is an extremely useful feature in the a phone with a good camera. It allows you to quickly focus on a specific area to capture more details. Many smartphones still offer digital zoom to zoom in on objects in the frame. Unfortunately, such a solution negatively affects the image quality. If we zoom in on the photo as much as possible, it will become blurry, i.e. pixelated. Developers are constantly working to improve the digital zoom function.

Do you like photographing nature? Or maybe you create portraits? If so, please choose mobile phone with optical zoom. The proposed function by extending the lens allows you to significantly enlarge the image. But be careful! In this case, the image quality does not deteriorate. There is a limit, however. Some mobile phones only have XNUMXX optical zoom, then digital zoom is activated. If you take photos often, especially portraits, outdoors, look for a smartphone with a 3x, 3,5x or 5x optical zoom.

useful functions in a smartphone with the best camera

Useful functions in a smartphone with the best camera

You wonder what a phone with a good camera to choose? When comparing smartphone deals, take shutter speed into account. This parameter determines how long the shutter remains open during exposure, and the longer the shutter speed, the brighter the image. This function is useful when shooting in dim lighting.

Another important parameter is ISO, i.e. the sensitivity of the matrix: the higher the ISO, the more sensitive the matrix is ​​to light. The aforementioned factor helps to take great photos even in low light conditions. Instead of using the flash, you can set a higher ISO so that you let more light through the lens.

Optical stabilization in smartphones

Stabilization technology detects movement and moves the lens up and down and side to side to prevent blur. For this, a gyro sensor and moving lens elements are used. Optical stabilization is useful when recording movies and taking photos a phone with a good camera in low light. Please note that the proposed function only allows you to minimize the blur effect, not completely eliminate it.

RAW format on smartphones

RAW is a specific digital image format that is stored on a phone's or camera's memory card. In Android smartphones, most manufacturers offer DNG, the universal RAW file format. In turn, Apple proposes the ProRAW format. In this case, you can edit the image as you want, not as prompted camera phone. This gives you more control over the final look of your image. In addition, you can easily adjust the exposure and white balance on your computer, which makes some difficulties in JPEG files.

RAW files, on the other hand, are uncompressed and therefore take up much more space on the memory card. You also can't just upload them over the internet or share them with your friends. However, if you want your photos to contain all the details, save them in RAW format.

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