SXO for business - why is it a beneficial way of marketing?

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Sales mainly moved to the Internet. We are looking for services, products and business contacts. Online visibility is key to reaching a specific target audience. There is also more and more talk about adapting the website to the requirements of users. Not only at the basic level, but also in the context of these most advanced practices. Professional SXO comes to the rescue - what is it and why is it superior to many marketing methods?

What is SXO?

It is a combination of two methods of Internet marketing that are effective in themselves, but the combination of them brings revolutionary results. SXO is SEO and UX. In short, SEO is about making your website stand out in the search results for certain keywords. UX is based on the user's experience and making the use of the website as convenient as possible for him.

Why is SXO so effective?

The very positioning, which is carried out in a professional manner, makes the website stand out in the search engine results. You can divide them into local positioning, national and nationwide. These variants differ in budget and each of them should be tailored to a specific business, e.g. a local hairdresser does not need positioning for the entire country, in this case it is better to focus on local SEO. Positioning activities make a given website high in the search results for phrases that have a business justification. Many more people come to the site, you can observe increased traffic on it. Some people will call, make an appointment online, buy a product, but a certain percentage of people will give up and leave the site. It often turns out that the bounce rate increases with better positioning. So SEO allows you to drive traffic to your website, make it stand out in search results and make it much more recognizable. However, at this stage, the positioning is over - the sales effectiveness is left to the seller. SEO specialists care about visibility, but they no longer interfere with issues related to purchases and orders. This is where UX enters the scene with the SXO service.

UX specialists carefully examine the behavior of users who have already found a well-positioned website. They verify how many people are leaving the site and then check the reasons for leaving the site. On this basis, they propose appropriate solutions, thanks to which it is possible to correct errors, and at the same time improve the website in such a way that as many people as possible would like to stay on it, be interested in buying it. However, UX is not just an activity aimed at taking care of the users who now come to the website. It is also about improving the website, proposing modern solutions that will make your business two steps ahead of the competition.

SXO is the perfect pair to help you maximize your company's visibility and profit. It makes sure that the website is visited by as many people as possible and that it is visible on as many key phrases as possible. At the same time, it cares for internet users who visit this website. It focuses on improving the shopping path, increasing the intuitiveness of the website and making the entire user's stay on the website from start to finish not only frustration-free, but comfortable and enjoyable.

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