What is worth knowing about SEO and why should you be interested in it?

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Have you ever heard of SEO? Do you know that it has to do with Google search results and the presence of your website in them, but you don't know what exactly is it about? Do you want to know if the benefits are measurable? Then we have a handful of information for you on this topic!

Is SEO Simple?

The basic elements related to positioning can be carried out quite quickly, but in practice it will only be the beginning of activities. Adapting the website to be search engine friendly, with Google in the lead, is an area that is constantly evolving - both in terms of the way results are displayed and the actions to be taken on the website itself.

Consequently, although it is definitely worth taking care of the basic elements, in the case of activities aimed at business results, it will be beneficial to look for a specialist who will help you maximize the effects and prepare and implement a long-term strategy. The more so as it often requires the use of advanced tools that professional SEOs have access to, not to mention the experience of using them.

What is SEO done?

In short, action SEO they are divided into those carried out within the website and those carried out outside it.

The first group, referred to as SEO onsite, covers technical and content issues. When it comes to technicalities, SEO's deal with checking things like URL structure, blocking redundant indexation of them, and verifying the correctness of meta tags, among other things. It is also at this stage that it is checked whether the website has the appropriate parameters related to the loading speed. There are many more similar issues, and the SEO specialist finds them during the technical audit.

On the other hand, content issues include checking whether the content on the website is properly matched to the desired groups of keywords, creating guidelines for modifying them, as well as proposing changes (which most often takes place as part of cooperation with a copywriter).

The topic related to the content on the website is also the preparation of a content strategy within which you can develop a company blog. Is it needed? Definitely yes, creating additional subpages with content allows you to expand the range of industry topics with which Google will associate a given domain - and finally start treating it as comprehensively helping Internet users who are looking for various matters related to the products or services that are offered on it. It is important that Internet users themselves are often at different stages of making purchasing decisions - and a wide range of topics on the blog will help to reach them at the stage when they are just considering the order.

Interestingly, you can also start shaping the expert image of your company - and this translates into the trust you inspire among your customers.

Offsite SEO, i.e. link acquisition

We have mentioned offsite activities - this is primarily about getting valuable links leading to your website. It is important because thanks to this, Google begins to treat the site as recommended by Internet users and ... it also starts to evaluate it higher.

Is it worth conducting SEO activities?

Yes. In this way, you can reach a large group of recipients who are looking for information about your products or services. Both those who already want to order them and those who are looking for additional information about them. Note that you can convince the latter by, for example, dismissing your objections or by advising on specific solutions.

It is worth noting that SEO perfectly complements other forms of promotion, such as Google Ads ads - they do not constitute competition for them, on the contrary, the use of both forms of promotion makes the final results even better for your business.

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