How to read geographic coordinates on Google Maps?

how to read geographic coordinates in google maps

They are very useful when giving the exact location geographical coordinates. They allow for the most precise determination of the location of a given place. How to read the geographic coordinates of a specific location using Google Maps? It is very simple and takes literally a moment - with this guide you will do it even faster.

Geographic coordinates in Google Maps are displayed in DD format - that is, degrees in decimal notation. It is also possible to read them in DMS format - i.e. degrees, minutes and seconds - depending on the device used, the methods are different and are explained in detail in this guide. The third most common format, DMM, decimal degrees and minutes is supported for searching.

On the computer

First, go to the Google Maps website - by going to the link in the browser Then just click on the selected place with the left mouse button. A window with the location of the place and its coordinates will appear at the bottom. When you click on them, they will be displayed in the search window, where you can copy them. The second option is to right-click on a given place and select an option What is here? - as in the first case, a card with coordinates will be displayed. Then follow the same procedure as for the first method.

When displayed in the search window, the coordinates in the form of DMS will also appear - degrees, minutes, seconds - we can also copy them if we need coordinates in this format.

On mobile devices

In the app

First, open the Google Maps application, available for both Android and iOS devices, available for download from the Google Play Store and the App Store. To check the geographic coordinates of a given place, hold your finger on the given area on the map. There should be a red pin and a window at the bottom. After expanding it, we find the coordinates in parentheses. After clicking on them, they will be automatically copied to the clipboard. If we need them in a form with degrees, minutes and seconds, just paste them into the search window - they will appear in the desired version. However, it is not possible to copy them in this form, but it is enough to take a screenshot or rewrite them in this format.

In the browser

If we do not have the Google Maps application, we can use the maps in your browser. However, in this version it is not possible to read the coordinates.

Note that the first coordinate is always latitude and the second is longitude. For decimal degrees format, the first coordinate should be between -90 and 90 and the second should be -180 to 180. In the form of degrees, minutes, and seconds, the range is 0 to 90 and 0 to 180 because which hemispheres the point belongs to. For a DD notation that automatically generates Google Maps, use periods to separate decimals, not commas.

Checking the geographic coordinates of a given location is useful and very simple - we hope that thanks to this guide you will not have any problems with it.