How to turn on the compass on Google Maps?

how to turn on the compass in google maps

These days, it's hard to imagine traveling without access to Google Maps. This service offers many functions to help us navigate in the field, from mapping routes, through viewing streets around the world, to searching for specific objects - accommodation, restaurants or shops in a given place. Google Maps is useful not only when traveling by various means of transport, but also during hiking. During the latter, a compass can be a great help, by means of which you can determine the directions of the world.

In the case of browser Map version Google the case is quite simple. Just search for your location or the area you want to check and then switch the map to satellite mode in the lower left corner of the map. A compass will then appear on the right side above the zoom buttons. By default, the map points to the north. Use the compass arrows to switch the view to the rest of the world, i.e. east, west and south. To freely operate the direction, just hold the Control button on the keyboard and the left mouse button at the same time. Then, by moving the mouse, we get a view from, for example, the south-east. In the same way, you can also change the tilt of the camera, so you can switch to 3D map mode. To return to the mode where the top of the map is north, just click the compass icon. This will also change your view to a bird's eye view.

How to turn on the compass on Google Maps?

In the mobile version of the application, the situation is slightly different. Here the compass appears only when you turn the map with two fingers, regardless of the selected map mode. The red compass needle will always point north. After clicking on the icon, the map will return to its default state - the upper part of the map will point to North. The mobile version does not offer a 3D option, it only uses the bird's eye view.

Unfortunately, we will not see the compass in the navigation mode. In the navigation settings, you can turn on the option that automatically sets the map to the north. To get to this option, go to the Google Maps menu, then find the settings. There, in the section "navigation settings

", You will find an option titled"position the map so that the north is up". From the moment this option is turned on, the navigation route will take into account the direction of the world. If we decide to turn the map with our fingers, the option "centerWhich will re-set the map to a mode where north is up. Otherwise, the map in the navigation will position its top directly to the place you want to get to. It is worth testing both options yourself and choosing the one that is more comfortable while driving.

If we want a compass and an accurate mapping of the surface on a mobile phone, it is worth looking for these options in Google Earth. A separate application from Google allows not only 3D preview, but also enabling the view of meridians and parallels. The same functions are offered by the Google Earth browser version - however, the application only works in Google Chrome browser.


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