How to mark a point on a Google Map?

how to mark a point on a google map

Google Maps in addition to the most common routing functions, they offer many other options. Among them is the possibility creating your own maps or a letter with specific places. It's an easy way to make your everyday driving easier - saved home and work points will turn on the navigation faster. Collections of places, in turn, can be useful during longer journeys. If we are going to a foreign city, we would certainly like to see some attractions there. Google Maps allows you to save individual points that you want to visit.

You must be signed in to your own Google Account to save your favorite places. After searching for the desired location, just use the option "save". At this point, lists should appear. By default, Google Maps creates three lists for each user - Favorites, I want to go there, Starred places - but you can also create your own list. After saving, we will be able to view the entire list, and the places will appear on the map next to it. The lists can also be found in the menu, under the tab "your places”- there you can view created lists, add them, delete them, rename them and share them with other people. In a similar way, you can add locations from other sites, if they have one built-in Google Maps


Mobile version of Google Maps

Motorists can use the option built into the mobile version of Google Maps. Thanks to it, it becomes possible to temporarily save the place where we parked our vehicle. In the case of large parking lots or difficulties in finding a parking space, finding the car again may be time-consuming. Just touch your finger on the blue dot that marks our position and choose the option to save the location as a parking space. Optionally, you can add a note, save for how long our parking ticket is valid or add a picture

. From now on we will find the inscription on the map:here is your vehicle". We can easily navigate to the marked point.

If we want to select a single location, just click on the map (version browser) or hold your finger in place (smartphone version). That's all it takes to calculate a route, start navigating, save a point, or share it. If there is an option available at the location Street Viewa window with a preview will also appear. With such "pushpin”You can also preview her geographical coordinates, measure the distance to it and mark it with a label. Labels can be for work, home and education, but you might as well create your own. The labeled point will be easier to find using the search engine built into Google Maps - the name of the label is enough instead of the full address.

Google Maps offers many types of remembering and marking points, thanks to which they allow for convenient management of addresses and routes. They are a convenient tool, almost indispensable in everyday life, especially if we often leave or cover long journeys by car.


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