How to make a google map with your own points

how to make a google map with your own points

Google map with custom points

Probably each of us has used it at least once Google mapto get somewhere. Driving a car or hiking is much easier when we can use our smartphone to check how to get to a specific location. However, not everyone knows that Google gives the ability to create your own map and mark the points of interest to us, adding them names, descriptions or photos. This option is available through both a web browserand the Google My Maps application. The creation process is almost the same and is very simple.

Using a computer, we have to enter the Google maps page, but not the most popular one - Google Maps, but Google My Maps. There are two easiest methods to get there - we search in the search engine "my google maps"Or enter the address"". To use the tool, you must log in to your account. If you want to work on a mobile device, you must download the Google My Maps application. The rest of the development process is almost the same in both programs.

After opening the website or application, create a new map, on which a search bar will appear, in which you can enter the location you are interested in. When we find a specific point, it will be displayed together with information (as in traditional Google maps) and the button "add to map". After clicking on it, we will be able to edit its name, description, and color of the indicator add photos. This way, the first point will be found on our map. If you want to add another location, repeat the process.

What if we want our plan to include places whose address we do not know or simply do not have? And in this case, Google provides us with easy and intuitive solutions, which this time differ depending on the device used.

Google map with own points - browser

Let's start with the browser. Below the search bar there are several buttons symbolized by simple icons. By clicking on them, we can undo the changes made, draw a line or measure the distance between the points. The symbol we are interested in is a marker resembling a pin head, after pressing which our cursor will turn into a cross. Now all you have to do is click on the part of the map you are interested in and we will be able to edit the newly created point.

Google map with own points - application

In the case of a mobile application, the way is simpler. In order not to enter the name of the location, but to select it manually, hold your finger on any part of the plan, and after a while you will see the designated point. In order to clarify its location, we can move it to any place, and then confirm the selection by clicking on the inscription "select this location" at the bottom. After approval, we can go to editing again.

In this way, our map has been enriched with points that we can change and improve their appearance at any time. Wanting to prepare a really advanced plan, follow that we will place on our website or share with friends, it is worth using the computer and using the mouse much more efficiently edit the data we are interested in, which can be found in the menu on the left side.


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