How to change the route in Google Maps on Android?

how to change the route in google maps on android

Google Maps very often they are the first choice in navigation. No wonder, they are thorough and full of details and additional functions - you can easily check the traffic on the route or the estimated time. The application will also notify us about closed roads and show alternative, fastest routes from one place to another.

How to change the route in Google Maps on the phone?

The route calculated by Google Maps depends on the preferences we set. The route determined by the application will change if we set a means of transport other than the default. In Maps, you can choose between car, public transport, walking or cycling. Each of these options has an impact on the shape of the route - for example, a walking trip will allow you to map a route through side streets or internal alleys of housing estates, which the application will not necessarily take into account for the car.

It is worth remembering that public transport on Google Maps is not available for all cities. In the navigation settings, available in the application settings, you can also set that the mapped route should not be motorways, toll sections or ferries. These three options are also available during active navigation - the down arrow at the bottom of the screen allows you to reach these settings. After switching the given option, the route will be recalculated automatically. In the same place, you can also mark the map to show traffic jams.

How to change the route in Google Maps?

You can add new stops to your current route using the magnifying glass icon. This allows you to visit many places in one trip, knowing both the origin and destination. The application will arrange the stops in an order that saves time and fuel, so that the driver does not have to make up for the road. Stops can also be added before navigating - after setting the start and destination, select "add a stop

“Hidden under the three-dot menu. To calculate a completely new route, you must exit navigation via the cross icon and select a new destination. You can add frequently used routes to your phone's home screen - so you always have them at hand.

By default, the starting point is the user's location. To change it, simply touch the first field in the route selection with your finger and search for the appropriate place. The mapped route will also bypass the closed sections of the road, and if we change the direction ourselves while driving, for example choosing a side road instead of the main road, the navigation after a few seconds will take into account our decision and lead to the destination, if possible.

If for some reason the route determined by the Google Maps application does not suit us, Maps suggest alternative roads marked in gray. There is a time stamp next to each route, specifying how long it will take to travel the designated section. If we find that the gray route, although a bit longer, for some reason suits us better, just press it with a finger - then it will become the default. Google Maps allows you to change routes in a simple and clear way to make your travel comfortable.


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