Online business conversion - what should you know about it?

online business conversion what is worth knowing about it

Conversion is inextricably linked to online business. Its highest possible ratio is the goal of every online store owner, because thanks to it you can increase sales and profits of the company. What exactly is a conversion and how to optimize it? We answer these and other questions in this article.

Conversion - what is it?

Let's start by explaining the conversion term itself. Simply put, it's simply a website's stated goal that has either been achieved by the user or ad recipient. What could be such an action? In the case of online stores, the obvious conversion goal is to make a purchase. In some cases, it may also be staying on the site as long as possible, clicking on the displayed advertising banner, or even registering a new account and subscribing to the newsletter.

Conversely, the conversion rate is a calculation that allows you to determine the effectiveness of your activities. According to the Google Ads definition, the formula looks like this: x ÷ y = z, where:

  • x is the number of conversions,
  • y is the total number of users who visited your online store,
  • z is the conversion rate.

Conversion optimization, or how to encourage users to act?

When talking about conversion, you should mention its optimization. It is simply actions taken to increase its factor. What influences the CRO (ang. Conversion Rate Optimization)? There are many effective ways, some of which require psychology. Are you curious how it works in practice? Check out this article: Psychological tricks as a chance to increase conversion?

Conversion optimization requires, first of all, the appearance and functionality of the website. The online store must work properly - any errors or pop-ups that interfere with purchases will negatively affect the user experience who leaves the site. The website must also be intuitive to navigate - clear messages and clear menu will make it easier for customers to navigate the online store and find interesting products.

It is also important to take care of the purchasing process itself. In this case, standard SSL encryption counts, which many online store owners still forget. It is also worth making the transaction as simple as possible - the easier it is to finalize and proceed to payment, the lower the risk that the customer will change their mind. Also, don't be afraid to add a feedback section - positive comments from satisfied users will encourage others to buy.

Conversion optimization is also influenced by:

  • possibility of a chat with an employee of the customer service office,
  • strong CTAs,
  • temporary discounts with a counter counting down the time until the end of the promotional campaign,
  • publishing industry content on a blog connected to an online store,
  • remarketing,
  • personalized newsletters.

What reduces the conversion rate?

What can lower website conversions? The list of aspects that negatively affect its ratio is quite long. It included, among other things, problems with insufficiently fast loading of the website - the slower it works, the greater the chances that customers will not want to wait any longer, leave the website and take advantage of the competition's offer. The same is true in the absence of a mobile version of the online store. A website that does not match the screens of smartphones or tablets can significantly reduce conversion.

Interestingly, it is the content in the online store that is another reason for the drop in conversion rate. Inaccurate product and category descriptions, numerous spelling mistakes or the lack of language of benefits can effectively discourage potential customers from making purchases on your website. Other reasons for reducing the conversion rate include problems at the checkout stage in the online store - no delivery price displayed, technical difficulties with payment, and even an invalid rebate code that was advertised on social media. If you notice a drop in conversion, it's a good time to enlist the help of professionals. Find an SEO company from Krakow, Warsaw, Poznań or another city and let the specialists solve their problems.

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