What is hosting and server? This is what you need to know about hosting

what is hosting and server, you need to know about hosting

The host is any machine, often a computer, that exchanges or provides network services over a computer network. Additionally, it must have your own IP address.

But what is web hosting and what is worth knowing about it? Many people taking their first steps in The Internet, wonders what exactly these terms mean. Will it be easier to understand the rest of the terms by knowing what a host is?

Web hosting - what is it?

While the concept of hosting service seems to be something extremely complicated, it turns out that the definition is very simple.

The hosting service is nothing more than sharing space on the server. This makes it possible to upload to webpage content. The server, in turn, is a computer - a bit more advanced than the one most have at home. Its task is to work without interruption - day and night, to enable the operation of the websites that it serves. If the server stops working - the sites that lease space on it will cease to be available.

Is it worth using free solutions?

Knowing what web hosting is will make it easier to understand why you should invest in it. You can often find ads for free hosting on the web. Although everything that is free will find its followers, it is worth remembering about the limitations of free hosting services. It is not without reason that there are people who are ready to pay up to several thousand a year for hosting a website.

Paid hosting services ensure that the website will always work. By using these free ones, we do not only suffer from the presence of ads, but also the slow loading of the site, as well as limitations on the amount of data that can be sent to the site.

Hosting server - how to choose the best one?

It is extremely important to choose a service host consciously. At the beginning, it is worth considering whether it is more profitable to choose a service whose price is determined on the basis of the server space, or one that settles the customer on the number of visits to the website.

The prices for servers can be completely different, but the basic, good for start hosting, can already be purchased for a dozen or so zlotys per month. The more complicated the website is, the higher the hosting parameters will have to be.

It is also worth paying attention to the opinions that characterize specific companies that provide hosting services. Each company has at least one person, who is the server administrator, whose task is to take care of the clients' server infrastructure. You will often have to pay more for better care.

However, it is worth remembering that the administrator's help can often be invaluable - the employee is on the watch around the clock and is ready to provide help at any time, if it is needed.

Now that you know what hosting is, it will be easier to understand how websites work and how you can make them run more efficiently.