What is a blog, how to start it and where is it best to keep it?

what is a blog, how to start it and where is the best place to run it

Blogs enjoy constant popularity among various types of websites, both among people who want to run them and among the recipients of this type of content. Contemporary blogs are no longer merely the owner's private notebook. Today blogs are becoming places of public discussion, they provide educational value and also allow for regular financial income.

It is worth looking at how to start a blog and on which website it is best to run it.

What is a blog?

A blog poses a kind Web pageon which the blogger posts his entries. Initially, the blog was an electronic version of a notebook or diary. Currently, it is also available in the form of a business blog, characterized by greater content of the entries published on them as well as topics related to a specific industry.

As a curiosity, it is worth saying that about 40% of American companies have their own blog and use its presence for marketing, advertising and sales activities. Good business blog management generates income for its owner. This may apply to both the company and the individual blogger or blogger.

Conducting such activity on the Internet also contributes to increasing the reach of products, provides additional traffic on the website, and strengthens the brand's presence in alternative media.

How to start a blog?

There are various ways in which a blog can function. If you start your adventure with this form of internet activity, it is recommended to try out free portals that offer the opportunity establishing a domain without additional financial investment.

The most popular platforms for this are Blogger i WordPress.com, which keep theirs servers thanks to the display of advertisements. Blogging platforms offer, in addition to a free domain, the possibility of choosing a template and editing it, so you can customize the website elements to your individual needs.

A free domain, however, means adding a page name to it. If you care about having a personal domain and don't want additional ads on your blog, you can do it thanks to the website WordPress.com, offering such services for little money.

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How to make money on a blog?

Blogging allows you to earn money through monetization, i.e. changing your physical or financial assets to legal tender. This means that by approaching blogging in a business manner, there is a real chance to earn money.

It consists precisely in transforming the goods contained therein, in this case texts, into money. Your creativity is of great importance in this context. The texts on the blog must be interesting and attract a group of readers. If you are well versed in a specific topic and are creative, you will have a better chance of success.

Monetizing a blog can be done in many ways. You can sell your knowledge, intellectual goods, custom-write for customers or offer them your products and services. One of the recommendable and universal methods of constantly expanding the target group is leading mailing list readers of your blog.

The mailing list gives the possibility of personal contact with recipients in order to offer them products and services. Thanks to this, you do not have to rely on marketing channels such as social media or internet search engines. It is also important to ensure constant traffic on the website, which is the result of better positioning in the search engine. Frequent user traffic on the blog may be interested in the ads published on it, so there is also a chance that you will also be able to earn on them.