How to send messages on Instagram

how to send messages on instagram

Instagram - how to send messages?

Instagram is a popular platform, mainly used for sharing different photos as well as viewing other people's profiles. It can also be used to exchange messages. How do I write a new message to a person? It's very easy with this tutorial!

Mobile devices

In the app

The easiest way is to look for the owner's profile Instagram accountto which we want to send the message and clicking the button Message, which is located just below the profile picture and description, next to the button Follow. After selecting this option, a subpage will open where we can write the text and send it.

To see all messages or pick up those sent to us, just go to the main page and click on the paper plane icon in the upper right corner of the screen, next to IGTV. From here, we can also create a new message - look at the top right corner again and enter the pencil icon, find the addressee, fill in the field with text and send. Ready!

On Instagram, the so-called also became popular Instagram Stories. If a person does not have this feature blocked, we can easily send a message by replying to a given account by entering text into the empty field at the very bottom of the screen. There is also a plane icon next to it - it is used to send stories to other people. The same icon can be found under the posts, which we can also send directly to our friends.

In the browser

Not everyone knows that you do not need to download a special application to use Instagram. Enough by a web browser enter the website on our phone The messaging scheme is similar to the app with some differences.

When we find a given profile and enter it, the button Message it will be under the user's nickname - and not under the description and profile photo, as in the application.

Access to previously written messages is also possible from the home page, after clicking on the airplane icon in the upper right corner. To create a new message, click the plus icon, also located in the upper right corner. Then we fill in the empty field with text and send it.

Replying to Instagram Stories, uploading them and posts is the same as in the app - there are no differences here.

On the computer

Instagram is also available on your computer via the website However, in this version it is not possible to send, read or view previous messages.

Sending messages on instagram is very simple and can be a good way to communicate, for example with people who do not have other popular messengers.

It should be remembered that the location of the buttons may slightly differ on different phones, browsers or versions of the application - however, they are always in a similar place, so finding them should not be a problem. We hope that with this tutorial, Instagram has no more secrets from you and that messaging is even easier!


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