What is vector graphics - applying vector graphics


vector graphics it differs significantly from the standard both in the way it is created and in the visual effects that can be achieved with it. It allows you to create images and graphics using mathematical formulas. Therefore, it is not only an art, but also enters the canon of fields related to exact science.

Vector graphics - what is it?

It's kind of graphics, consisting in saving an image in the form of resulting geometric figures as a result of using appropriate mathematical formulas. Thanks to this model of emergence vector images it is possible to change the file size and scale it without fear of losing the quality of the files.

Vector photos in general, they are based on the fact that they contain few details - it is about creating graphics, not faithfully reflecting the realism of a given photograph.

Where can we meet vector illustrations?

Although we do not realize it on a daily basis, vector graphics are in places that we use when working, studying or playing a computer game. Vector version Computer graphics can be found in descriptions of fonts on computers, computer games and videos. The use of vector graphics takes place where three-dimensional graphics are described - e.g. in geometry.

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The use of vector graphics at work

Vector graphics they are also present in objects that we use or meet in public places or at school. They are used to create maps and plans - so they are constantly associated with the work of surveyors, architects and people involved in tourism. Logos of the most popular companies (such as PUMA) were also created with vector illustration. Similarly, the coats of arms of cities, road signs or the artistic part of some comics.

Vector graphics - advantages

Vector graphics and its application have many advantages. These include, first of all, that vector images they scale easily. In addition, we can easily change their parameters and transfer them, if necessary, to raster graphics. Advantage vector graphics it is also the fact that we can use it to describe space in a three-dimensional way - so it facilitates the work of those who work in the field, etc. The advantages of graphics in vector version 

the simplicity of their description and the ability to use plotters in a manner consistent with the method used in their work also includes.

Disadvantages of vector graphics

As for the disadvantages vector graphics, there are few of them. However, they include:

  • high memory complexity for images whose goal is to create photorealistic graphics,
  • sometimes it also happens that it is not profitable to convert a file to raster graphics due to the computational unprofitability of the conversion.

Advantages and disadvantages of vector graphics however, they allow the conclusion that ultimately vector graphics are useful and worth getting acquainted with vector graphics programs 

be with vector graphics online. 

How to create a vector graphic?

When it comes to creating vector graphics, we can use popular programs available on the web for this purpose. One of them is, for example, Word, which many people use in their daily work. In addition, graphics can be created in GIMP, CorelDRAW - is a program that offers many possibilities in creating vector illustration. The program for creating vector graphics is also ZestaPRO or Affinity Designer - in general, creating vector graphics is possible in most graphics programs.

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Vector graphics - how to start, how to do

Vector graphics program, it's the main tool we need to build ours editable vector pictures. Then we should find some idea for our artwork. To begin with, we can start by creating images that we already have - for example, a well-known logo. Watching the logo of a given company in a vector version we will notice what it is made of as it is computer graphics format and step by step we will recreate how it was done. Then we can implement our project, already knowing the methods of operation vector graphics by definition based on geometric figures.

The tools we need to create and extend vector graphics.

Features of vector graphics allow you to create graphics using programs dedicated to creating graphics. In program Inkscape vectorization is very intuitive and allows you to create multi-layer vector graphics as well vector graphics svg, that is, two-layer graphics, the main use of which are websites. It is a format that is generally considered system platform independent.

Online vectorization - is it possible?

Online vectorization is possible. It is also a convenient way to transfer low quality raster files to vector image of high quality and legibility. Most often it concerns a logo, drawing or sketch. Thanks to this, we can quickly gain from a low-quality image vector illustration of high quality on the scale of interest to us and with the changes that we expect.


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