Free vector graphic for download for commercial use

free vector graphics for commercial use for download

Vector graphics is a common type computer graphicswhich is widely used, among others in marketing and advertising. Numerous advantages and ease of use mean that this type of pictures is very often chosen by programmers and marketers web development, games, applications or promotional materials. You don't have to pay a lot to use them: free vectors can be downloaded from many photo, picture and icon websites available on the Internet.

How exactly is created and handled vector imageswhy are these types of graphics so popular and where can you find free commercial material? You will find answers to these and other questions below.

Vector images: how are they different from raster images?

vector graphicsor object-oriented, is a type of computer graphics in which images are built with the use of simple figures or geometric solids called objects or primitives. These objects are described by appropriate mathematical parameters. The main difference between vector and raster graphics is the fact that the former can be freely scaled (enlarged and reduced) without losing quality. Vector graphics are also fully responsive - they can be placed directly in the website code without saving the file to serverVector images they are lightweight (take up little disk space) and can easily be converted to a raster image through the rasterization process if needed. Vector editors also allow image transformations such as rotating, stretching or skewing, therefore vector pictures can be modified in various ways, optimally adapting them to the graphic layout of the website or marketing message.

Vector illustrations - application

Vector images are very widely used. These types of graphics are used, among others in logos, fonts, as interface elements in computer games and applications, in videos and animations, maps and plans, as well as in literary and artistic works (e.g. in comics). They are also used to create various types of plans and diagrams, as well as symbols and signs, such as flags, emblems or road signs. 

Free vector graphics lub ich płatne odpowiedniki stosowane są często w działach promocji firm: specjaliści ds. marketingu używają ich do produkcji reklam, banerów, przycisków typu call to action i innych elementów na strony internetowe oraz do newsletters.

Free vector icons and images of various objects and situations are available on the online portals offering free graphics download. Small companies that do not have their own graphic designer in their team and do not have large financial resources for promotion can use their resources to supplement their websites and prepare visually attractive marketing materials without straining the company's budget.

Free vector graphic for commercial use: possibilities

There are many sites out of free vector graphics. These are websites from which you can legally and free of charge download and save on your computer photos, graphics and vector drawings without the need to acquire or purchase copyrights. Such services that enable free image download are, for example:

  • Pixabay
  • Pexels
  • Freepik
  • vexels
  • Undraw
  • Many Pixels
  • DrawKit

Tego typu serwisów jest więcej, natomiast część z nich oferuje tylko część zasobów za darmo: pozostałe grafiki dostępne są tylko po wniesieniu odpowiedniej opłaty. Niektóre strony z downloadable vectors they also enable searching in Polish.

Free vector graphics. What to look for?

When looking for free vector graphics, you should always pay attention to the type of license that is assigned to a given image. This may be a license to use for commercial purposes, for example, to display on a public website, or to advertise or other marketing material.

Other vector graphics can only be made available for private use, and you have to pay for making them public. There are also such pictures or vector iconswhich can be used for free in the smallest size, but access to a higher resolution image is blocked by a paid license. Most websites from free vector graphics also offers photos and pictures for a fee. The latter are usually available to users who have set up and paid for premium accounts, although sometimes they are also available on request: in this way, you can buy access to only one or several selected images, without opting for permanent, paid access.

This solution is beneficial for small businesses that do not want to constantly spend a lot of money on promotion, but in addition free graphics they also sometimes want to use higher-quality or better-matched images or icons.

It is worth remembering that there are serious consequences for unlawful use of a photo or picture, so before publishing a photo or icon, always make sure that it is really free vector image for commercial use and no one will accuse the company or website owner of copyright theft in a moment.


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