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free graphics creation programs

We are a picture society. You can see it everywhere, because images, photos and graphics are more and more present in the media and culture. To "sell" well, you need to look good - also in The Internet. This applies not only to companies, but also to every person who wants to run successfully, for example Instagram account.

The problem is that graphic design programs they are very expensive. A person who cannot afford to buy it may turn to a specialist who will carry out the order for him. However, it also costs money. So are we doomed to large expenses? No. You can find a lot of useful graphics software on the web, one of the main advantages of which is that they are free. Here are a few of them.

Free graphics programs

GIMP - a free graphics program that is licensed under a free and open source software license - GPL. It is called "free Photoshop" for a reason. It has all the necessary and advanced functions (such as transparency, working with layers and channels) for editing raster graphics, and can also be extended with add-ons - for example for creating animations.

PhotoFiltre - a free graphic design program for non-commercial purposes. It is recommended for novice users due to its intuitive and simple interface. It must be admitted, however, that the program is extensive and - like GIMP - it can be enriched with add-ons that will further increase the program's possibilities.

Pixlr - is one of the most extensive programs. Creating graphics may be difficult at first, but once you have mastered all the functions, the results will be very satisfying. The program has two versions: free and paid. The free version has all the basic editing functions: cropping, applying filters, adding effects, etc. You can work both offline and online - via the manufacturer's website.

Graphic software for free online

Pixlr is proof that you don't need to download and install graphics programs on the disk. Online versions are gaining more and more popularity. To be able to work on them, it is enough browser and internet connection. What else can I use online?

canva - probably the most popular online graphics program. You can quickly create - for example with the use of pre-loaded templates - a poster, presentation or infographic. It is in this program that the vast majority of thumbnails for YouTube videos are created. It has a paid version, in which you can, among others add transparent backgrounds and use the entire template library. Based on Canva's popularity, many similar programs have been created: Crello, Easil, Desygner or Snappa.

Recite - an interesting and simple graphic program, with which you can originally and creatively design a post on SOCIAL MEDIA.

A free graphics creation program is one thing, but skillful use of it is another. For beginners, online tutorials come to the rescue. On YouTube You can find tons of helpful videos where professional graphic designers tell you how to use photo software. The problem is also not a lack of knowledge about design. On websites such as Pinterest you can find inspiring mock-ups and examples of what, for example, a cover or an advertising poster should look like.

Free version of computer graphics programs they can help in the preparation of the visual setting of products or the company's social media, but also people who want to connect their future with graphics. It is thanks to them that you can start executing your first orders and start building your portfolio.

Free program for image processing and editing

Free photo processing programs are available in the form of an application for a computer or mobile device, or in an online version. It is worth knowing what a good photo correction program is characterized by, which we will be able to use quickly and without problems.

Simple photo editor

The software for image processing is the most commonly associated with us photoshop, however, thankfully, this is not the only option. Not all of us can afford to buy it. Professional photo manipulation programs are quite expensive. There are alternative and free photo manipulation programs for your laptop or desktop computer. Such a photo program has many useful options, thanks to which we can edit the selected photo equally effectively. A free photo editing program for beginners is more than enough.

Is photo editing for everyone?

Nowadays, everyone can process their photos without any special equipment or knowledge and skills. And all this thanks to digital photography, which made it possible to save negatives in the form of digital information and to edit them in a dedicated program. We have access not only to equipment, but also to knowledge, and most importantly, completely free of charge. No matter if we are amateurs or professional photographers, we will find the best photo processing software on the market. Importantly, free photo editing programs are not much worse tools than their paid versions. We can easily find photo processing applications for a computer or a program for viewing photos in Polish.

Top 10 Photo Editing Software

1. Photopea

Photo manipulation program Photopea is an excellent proposition for all people who are not professionals. It works well for quick editing, applying layers, filters, and cropping. It is very similar to a photo editing program photoshop. Apps Photopea can be installed directly on Windows. Its advantage is that it enables smooth work in formats such as PSD and SKETCH. This free photo editing program has many interesting features and, importantly, is very easy to use.


Another graphics program for image manipulation is GIMP. It is primarily a simple photo manipulation program that no one should have a problem with. Its great advantage is its multifunctionality, we can work with layers, use transparency and masks. This is a good proposition as a program for processing photos from an SLR camera. It is also suitable for slightly more advanced retouching and photo montages.

3. Raw Therapee

The professional photo editor as it is came third on the list Raw Therapee. It is a very good option, also for advanced photo manipulation. Importantly, this program for machining photos supports RAW files ii has many advanced features. Photo editing program Raw Therapee it also has a very interesting appearance and is very comfortable to work with.

4. Pixlr

Pixlr is another quick photo manipulation program belonging to a series of free tools available in the browser. We can use Pixlr Editor be Pixlr Express. The first photo editing program has many advanced features, tools such as: stamp, lasso, spot correction brush, wand. However, a program for cropping photos Pixlr Express provides basic options useful to novice users.

5. Polarr Photo Editor Online

Polarr Photo Editor Online is a simple photo editing program that offers some interesting options. It has an intuitive and clear interface, so we can easily use all its tools. This photo enhancement program allows you to use cool effects, retouch your photos and apply trendy filters to them. It is a free and professional photo manipulation program that we can use without logging in to the website.

6. Photoscape

Completely free program for editing photos in Polish. Interestingly, it has a rich database of guides on how to edit photos in Photoscape. This photo retouching program has a very simple interface, it is a good choice for beginners. Offers a large selection of color filters and allows you to create collages.

7. Photor

It's a bit like an image editing program Photoscape. Provides many editing options. This free photo editing software offers 5 working modes: editing, retouching, creating cyclists, photos HDRediting multiple photos at the same time. Ready-made kits streamline the entire editing process. Photo enhancement program Photor has the ability to manually modify each photo, which is a big advantage.

8. FastStone Image Viewer

A free program for processing photos in Polish is also FastStone Image Viewer. It is primarily a convenient multimedia browser. In addition, it has an attractive offer of photo editing tools. This photo processing program provides, among others, the function of cropping and resizing the photo or modifying the color of the image. You can add a watermark to a photo or retouch it. It is important that this is a free photo program for non-commercial purposes.

9. Ashampoo Photo Optimizer 2019

A good program for applying photos and processing them is also Ashampoo Photo Optimizer 2019. It is a tool that works well especially when processing a large number of photos.

10. Photoscape X Pro

Processing photos with the program Photoscape The X Pro is simple yet provides a comprehensive photo treatment. We can set the color balance, contrast or exposure in it. Supports RAW images. Photo retouching with a free program in Polish Photoscape The X Pro will be comprehensive and certainly effective.

What should be the best photo manipulation software?

The best photo editing software must have all the necessary features that will enable us to edit photos satisfactorily. On the Internet you will find a Polish photo editing program that will make working with it very pleasant. A free editing program must also be easy to understand and transparent.


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