Editing pdf files - how to edit a PDF file?

editing pdf files how to edit a pdf file

Files with the .pdf extension are one of the most popular text files and they can be opened on almost any device - laptop, tablet or phone. If properly formatted, they can be much more readable than a "plain" text file.

Additionally, being a final file and not editable by definition, we can be more sure that our PDF document will not be changed - it requires much more effort than in the case of text files.

Saving a file in PDF format is extremely easy. Most word processing programs have a "Save as PDF" option. However, editing PDF files is not impossible, and you will find free programs on the web that will help you with this.

What is this PDF?

PDF stands for Portable Document Format and it was developed and introduced in 1991 by Adobe. It was created to be able to display files on any device, no matter what is mounted on it operating system. Previously, you had to download Acrobat Reader to open them, now most web browsers both on computers and mobile devices has an automatically uploaded plugin that allows you to view these files.

How to edit PDF files?

Stationary programs

Contrary to popular belief, PDF files can be easily edited. The least problematic is files that contain mostly text - in this case, changes can be made even in newer ones WORD versions

, however, keep in mind that when converting a .pdf file to .doc or .docx, its formatting may change - the text will get broken, paragraphs will disappear or margins will change, so in addition to editing the intended changes, we will have to work a bit on the general format file.

The easiest way to change PDFs is in the dedicated Acrobat DC program, but it is paid, unlike Acrobat Reader, which is used only to read files with this extension.

In addition, in the case of this program, the annoying difficulty may be the fact that we can only edit one page at a time, so when editing larger documents, it is worth doing it in Word or, if we have a source file in a format other than PDF, correct the one and then convert it to PDF file.

We have a wide selection of free and paid PDF editing programs on the Internet. Among these free and most popular pdf converters and editors are recommended:

  • Ashampoo PDF Free
  • PDFill PDF Tools Free
  • PDF X-Change Viewer

They have all the necessary editing options - PDF splitting, editing files with this extension and the ability to edit - including inserting hyperlinks, photos and graphics or short films.

Online PDF editing

If you don't use PDF editing too often, consider editing the file online - no software installation required. However, when using browser-based editors, it is worth using trusted websites to avoid the risk of infecting your computer. If we use documents Googlethe easiest way to use the google editor.

For this purpose, it is enough to right-click the document previously sent to the Google drive and select the option " Open in Google Docs”- it will be automatically converted to the supported format and we will be able to make changes similar to Word.

Online pdf editors are also very helpful for removing pages from PDF documents. However, it is easier to use them on stationary devices than via a telephone.


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