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pdf compression check how to reduce pdf file

PDF Compression - Check how to reduce a PDF file

The size of the PDF file depends on the amount of content, the fonts used, the photos and illustrations contained, the links provided and any additional attachments. Sometimes too much of the information contained in the file results in ...
free vector graphics for commercial use for download

Free vector graphic for download for commercial use

Vector graphics is a popular type of computer graphics that is widely used, among others. in marketing and advertising. Numerous advantages and ease of use mean that this type of pictures is very often chosen by ...

What is vector graphics - applying vector graphics

Vector graphics are significantly different from standard graphics both in the way it is created and in the visual effects that can be achieved with it. It allows you to create pictures and graphics using ...
canva graphics program designed for ease of use

Canva - a graphics program designed with ease of use in mind

If you work in the field of digital marketing or design, you are certainly aware of how effective the visual content is in terms of promotion. Adding nice graphics to the email, presenting the company by aesthetic ...
free graphics creation programs

Free Graphics Creator - 2020 Update

We are a picture society. You can see it everywhere, because images, photos and graphics are more and more present in the media and culture. To "sell" well, you have to look good - also in ...
free pictures where to get them

Free photos - where to get them?

Where to get free photos on the internet? More and more content published on the Internet is accompanied by photos and graphics - they enliven presentations and websites, make posts in social media more attractive, or simply attract ...
dimensions of fb graphics what dimensions and format to choose

Dimensions of graphics on FB - what dimensions and format should you choose?

What is a cover photo on FB? The background photo on FB is the image that we see at the top of the person's profile page or as a graphic of a given group. Eligibility to ...

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What is a VPN and what does it protect against? We check!

You have probably heard about privacy on the Internet and about the dangers of using it many times. In today's article, you will learn how to protect your data and ...
how to tag a friend on fb

How to tag a friend on FB?