Canva - a graphics program designed with ease of use in mind

canva graphics program designed for ease of use

If you are working in the sphere digital marketing or design, you are certainly aware of how effective the visual content is in terms of promotion. Adding nice graphics to an e-mail, presenting the company through an aesthetic business card or replacing a schematic slide with an interactive presentation allow us to increase the effectiveness of our campaigns many times over. With Canva, even a layman can create such creations today.

Check what Canva is, how it works and what the title program offers.

Canva - what is it?

Canva is a drag and drop graphics program. Works in browser on personal computers and iOS devices. It is aimed primarily at people who want to quickly and easily create effective, spectacular creations.

Canva's goal is to simplify and accelerate your creative process. It offers a lot of free templates, so we do not need to have special skills to use it.

Is Canva free?

Is Canva completely free? The answer is as with most services of this type - ambiguous. Most of Canva is available for free. We can easily export what we have created and upload to any platform.

What more do you have to pay for? Canva's graphics program can be extended to the Pro version. In exchange for $ 12,95 / month you will get nearly 60 thousand. templates, 60 million. stock graphics and the ability to add your own fonts. However, it is not worth taking a hoe to the sun. Canva's free version is just as useful as the paid version.

Is canva available in Polish?

Canva in Polish is available to everyone, regardless of the type of subscription you have. To achieve this effect, we must enter the settings after registration (settings), then go to the tab "languages", Change the language option to Polish and finally click the button"save".

We will start Canva by going to the official website We can register via email

or take advantage of faster online login via Facebook. You can easily log in using your accounts in social media.

Polish fonts in Canva

When entering the Canva platform, the Polish font is not set by default. However, this should not be a problem as the library is extensive. The most popular items with Polish characters are Without Open, Noto Sans i Montserrat.

Step by step creating a project in Canva

  • By entering Canva, the designs are our main focus.
  • To start working with the project, you must enter your account,
  • choose the type of creation (there are about 40 to choose from),
  • and then click on the desired template - or start completely from scratch.
  • We can create a project by clicking the green button "create a design" - on the left side.

Create your own business card or presentation using intuitive tools

Using Canva, we will be able to create business cards in the blink of an eye. The intuitive drag and drop interface will allow you to apply effective text in a few minutes, aesthetically refine the entire composition and save it in any format on our disk.

Presentation is just as fun in Canva. And although it is not PowerPoint, the appearance and general reception of the creation is positively assessed by reviewers. The key advantage of such a solution is the ability to make it available to everyone online via website www.


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