How to recognize songs with google


It happens very often that a song heard on the radio catch our ears, but it is difficult to recall the artist or even its title. It is just as often the case that we only know the music but not the words. Therefore, special applications for song recognition have been developed. One of them, which is very easy to use and at the same time easily accessible, is the Google application.

How to recognize music using the Google application?

In order to recognize any song with the Google application, all you have to do is launch it Google player and the selected microphone icon in the window Google search engines.

The microphone icon is used to remember and search for a given sound on the network, thanks to which searching for a music track becomes very easy.

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Additionally, a blue note will appear at the bottom of the screen when you are near a loudspeaker from which music is heard. You should click on it, because only thanks to this the application will start searching for a song or another song with sound. If the search is successful, Google will automatically transfer us to an information card with a link (usually a link) to Google Play.

However, the situation is slightly different only in the case of devices with built-in Android. If you want to use the Google application to search for a given song, you must have an additional one installed music recognition app

. This includes applications such as Shazam or also Track Id. What's more, the Google music search application must be constantly enabled for it to work efficiently with the Google search engine.

Enabling such an application is possible after enabling its function in Google Settings specifically in the tab Search - Google Now.

What are the benefits of using the Google app to search for music?

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According to many network users, the Google application is one of the easiest and best methods to search for songs and other songs that the user is not able to determine for himself. The biggest advantages include:

  • Speed ​​of action - the Google application takes an average of less than 30 seconds after listening to a given sound to find a song and automatically redirect the user to a given website;
  • High level of security - the use of this type of application is very safe, as it does not require the use of additional applications or the installation of specialized types of software;
  • Free application - the Google application for searching songs and songs on the web is completely free. Thanks to this, many people do not have to worry about additional costs, such as a monthly subscription fee for a given application.
  • functionality - the Google application quickly and easily searches for virtually every piece of music that the user wants to find but does not remember the artist. Additionally, it can be used with any type of device (including mobile devices), so finding the sound can be easily found at any time.

All of the above features make using the Google application to search for previously unknown songs is simple and pleasant.



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