How to change the notification sound from Messenger?

how to change the notification sound from the messenger

Tired of all the familiar, distinctive sound that signifies a new message arriving Facebook Messenger? It is an extremely popular application and the same audio can be heard anywhere in public as well as when meeting friends. See how to change the messenger notification sound, and how to make Messenger sound your own and unique.

Changing the Messenger Sound - Is It Even Possible?

The sound of Facebook Messenger messages becomes boring or just plain annoying after a while. Many people leave it the same, which means you can hear it almost anywhere. Fortunately, the Messenger app allows you to change the sound to whatever sound is available on your phone, or completely unique.

We can change the sound of the incoming messenger, as well as edit the call ringtone (if we use the voice chat option in Messenger).

How to change Messenger Sound - Messages

To edit sounds in Messenger:

  • Turn on Messenger, go to the main application screen (thread list) and select the gear icon in the upper right corner.
  • You will find all available messenger options here. In the next step, you go to the tab "Notifications“, Which displays the settings for notifying the user of new messages or calls.
  • To change the tone of the message, tap "Connection alert". A new window will appear with a list of notification sounds available in the application. In this way, you will change your Messenger sound to another one, proposed by the developers of this program.

How to change the sound on Messenger - voice calls

If, in turn, you want to change the voice call sound from Facebook Messenger, select it using the option "Free call ringtone". There you will find a list of available sounds that are intended for use by the users of the application.

Listen to each of the available options, then choose your favorite position and enjoy the new, original ringtone.

How do I change the Messenger notification sound to my own?

  • To change the notification sounds in Messenger for your own, follow the same steps as in the above instructions.
  • First go to the main screen of the Messenger application and then enter the options (the gear icon).
  • Choose if you want to change message or voice call sound, then select the appropriate option.
  • The list of available sounds will appear in front of you again.
  • To choose your own, you need to download it in advance (eg to a computer or a phone. It is necessary that the sound or song you choose is saved in MP3 format for the application to process it.
  • Then it is necessary to transfer the sound to the phone's internal memory, to the "ringtones" directory. Only when the ringtone is in this directory will it also appear in the ringtone list and you can use it as Messenger sound.

After following these steps, you can enjoy the sound of your favorite music!