How to set up a fanpage on Facebook?

how to set up a fanpage on facebook

Fanpage is the perfect way to gather people with like views and interests. Thanks to its own website on Facebook we can also reach a wider group with the promotion of the activities of our company or institution. How to create a fanpage?

Step by step creating a fanpage

To create a Facebook fanpage, we need to start with:

  1. Log in to our account.
  2. After logging in, you will find yourself on the home page. Next to the board with our friends' posts and the pages we like, a panel with a dozen or so tabs will be displayed.
  3. Under the heading "Explore"We find the button"Website"And click on it.
  4. The portal will redirect you to the management panel of your fanpages and to the possibility of creating a new one.
  5. To create your own page, press the green button at the top of the "Create page" panel.

After clicking, we will have to select the type of our website. We have two options to choose from - "Company or brand"(A perfect solution for people who want to promote their products or services) or"Community or public figure"(For people who want to integrate a specific group of people or gather fans around some character).

How to create a company fanpage

If we want to choose the first option, click on the button "Get started"Under the inscription"Company or brand". The next step will be to name the page. The name may be our company or some area of ​​its activity. Then we complete the category that will describe what our company does.

For example, if we run an amateur local theater, in the category field we can enter keywords such as "culture","cultural activities" if "local brand". After entering the keyword of the category, we will develop the suggested suggestions for marking the page - for example: "Social and cultural site" if "Local services". If our company has a specific headquarters open to customers, we complete the field under the category "Headquarters

" and "Phone number".

Fanpage on Facebook - profile picture and background graphics

After filling in all the fields, click on the button "continue". Facebook will redirect us to a panel where we will be able to upload a profile picture representing our website. It can be a brand logo or some hallmark or graphics associated with the conducted activity. To do this, press the button "Submit a profile picture"And select the file from our computer. If we do not want to add a photo yet, click the "Skip".

The next step will be the choice background graphics our Facebook page. As Facebook suggests, pages with background photos usually get more likes and visits because they are more attractive to portal users. The background photo can be a photograph of the company's building or a slogan advertising its services. To upload a photo in the background, click the "Add a background photo

". If we do not plan to add it, select the option "Skip". Our website is ready, we can start managing it, filling in the information and writing posts for visitors. In the admin panel, Facebook will suggest a few steps from which to start running a fanpage - e.g. inviting friends to like the page or using the advertising option.

How to set up a page on the fb of a community or public figure

If, on the other hand, we want to create a page representing a given group or a specific person, we proceed in the same way as in the case of creating a company's fanpage. In the initial panel with a choice of two options, press the button "Get started"Under the inscription"Community or public figure". As in the case of the first option, we will have to name our website on fb and choose its category. After filling in these fields, click on the button "continue". Also this time, we will be redirected to a page where we can upload a profile picture, and then Background image. After selecting them or omitting the option, our website becomes public and we can start moderating it.


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