How to create a group on Messenger?

how to create a group on messenger

Messenger, an application used by millions of people around the world. It is an internal communicator of the platform Facebookwhich has its own application and which it often is also used by people who do not use Facebook. It has many different options, such as the ability to attach a photo, files or emotes. But what if you want to send the same message to several people or chat in groups? Check how to make a group conversation on Messenger!

How can you use messenger group creation?

The ability to create groups on Messenger is one of the most useful features of this application. Do you want to show off with several people? Do you have a group project to prepare and need a place for discussion? Or maybe you want to discuss with your friends the details of the birthday gift of an important person? You can do all of these things and much more with the ability to create group conversations.

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The app has recently undergone significant UI changes, and at first glance is quite complex, making it difficult for you to find the right option and use it correctly. Therefore, check how to create a group on Messenger 2020!

How to create a group on messenger - step by step in the browser.

It's very simple, but it can be hard to figure out how to do it. If you have trouble finding the option to create a group on Messenger in web browser then don't worry, it is quite non-obvious.

The first step is to find the "Compose a new message".


creating a group on the messenger
How to create a group on Messenger?

You can do it from the menu on the left or in the contact list on the right. Then enter the names and surnames of people with whom you want to set up a group.


creating a group on facebook messenger
How to create a group on Messenger?

You can use the search engine for this purpose. After selecting all of them, you just need to write a message. The group will be created automatically.

How to create a group on messenger - step by step in the mobile application.

Creating a group in the mobile app is a little more complicated, but more intuitive. Just like with a computer you have to find the new message icon. After clicking on it, you will see a button "Create a new group" If you click on it, you will select people from the list below and accept it you will create a new group on Messenger.

Functions available in the group on Messenger.

The Messenger application offers many possibilities regardless of the platform. Starting with writing with a lot of people at the same time, adding peaks, changing colors or nicknames, and even having a group video conversation. Additionally, users can choose from personalization options, such as giving a name, change of notification sounds, change the group photo, change the main emote or color of the chat.

How to manage a group?

Are you wondering how to join a group on Messenger? Or maybe you are its administrator and you don't know how to add someone? Messenger Group offers many possibilities, but you need to be able to use them properly.

As a group administrator in messenger, you can add or remove members from the conversation. You can also change their nicknames, set a group photo, change colors, or even make other people administrators. However, the key role of the administrator is to add members and ensure that group rules are followed. The person who created the group conversation becomes the admin, but you can pass this on to someone else.